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led productss problem when you install


1.LED power supply dedicated to pay attention to good waterproofing.
2. Switching power supply should be adjusted in accordance with good output voltage characteristics of the LED module, in the course of the voltage regulator are not free to rotate button!
3. The company's modules are low-voltage products. 220V AC NA, the length of the power cord as short as possible.
4.LED module there is a positive and negative points, pay attention to positive and negative corresponds to the installation, if the positive and negative reversed, the module does not light, but it will not damage the LED module for access as long as you can. Major small voltage is not adjustable!
5.LED module installation process requires the use of double-sided adhesive or wood glue, the module slot and the plastic base plate firmly paste. When using double-sided tape, you must resort to glass, plastic, or prolonged exposure to outdoor sunlight under, can cause modules off, this is very important!
6.LED modules when installed inside the box or plastic characters, as much as possible the formation of some circuits, but the group as much as possible the number of modules in series less, not more than 40 groups, colorful series of not more than 20 groups, otherwise it will suffer voltage drop affected, and is likely to cause single-channel current is too large to burn circuit boards!
7. without waterproof LED modules, installed in the plastic characters or cabinet, should prevent rain from entering.
8.LED module spacing can be adjusted according to the brightness of the actual situation and modules size, quantity per square generally between 50-100 group. In the arrangement of LED modules, it should pay attention to the needs of luminous uniformity and brightness; distance module and font side is generally 2-5 cm, vertical and horizontal distance between the module and the module is recommended 2-6CM. LED module installation can not push, squeeze on the device modules, so as not to damage the device, which the cable should be fixed to the floor plastic glass, to avoid blackout.
9.LED distance light emitting surface of the module to control the well, so as to ensure uniformity and brightness of light, the thickness of the portfolio is also very important.
10. products in the installation and use anti-static process, please note, do not use sharp to touch the light source and glue. Do not touch the acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals, not near the fire.