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led strip ,flex led strip and led light bar


led strip Lights, is referred to as LED lights, most people are not used to say, when the term is too long, so the front of the LED to be omitted, and a direct call lights. Such lights is called also contains a lot of big-wire former junior lines, circles, etc. direct wire connection with wire or PCB FPC LED instead of old-fashioned lights, of course, also includes lights with flexible and rigid LED strip.
LED Strip. This is the English name of the LED light strip. Yahoo Strip in Translation explained that "strip" in the Google Translation explanation is "The Strip", but the term LED lights with foreign clients in the mouth is the LED Strip
Flex LED Strip. This is the English name of the flexible LED light strip. Flex at Google Translation explanation is "flexible" interpretation of the translation in Yahoo has become a "conductive wire." But foreign customers said Flex LED Strip is everyone talking about our domestic flexible LED lights with.

LED Light Bar. This is the English term LED light bar. Light Bar in Yahoo Translation explained that "light zone" in the Google translation of interpretation has become "the light of the bar."