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Model Name: 30cm led pixel light
Model No.: 129
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  • Product Features:
    1, this product uses bright 5050 SMD lamp beads, low voltage DC12, with high brightness, energy saving, strong stability, low light decay and other characteristics;
    2, using high thermal conductivity plastic potting waterproof design, easy to yellow, with waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-acid and anti-UV;
    3, protection class IP67, enhance the product's life and adaptability;
    4, the product is flexible, flexible application, a variety of installation options;
    5, each string of connection line for the "male and female head", and each string point light source can be freely spliced, install a solid, easy maintenance;
    Product effect:
    Use the controller to achieve colorful gradient, jump, full-color scanning, chase, running water, accumulation, marquee effect, also can use multiple point light source to form a colorful screen, background screen, pattern, animation and other effects.
    This product is suitable for building outline, floor lighting, KTV entertainment venues, shopping malls exterior walls, hotels, bars, disco, square streets, outdoor signboards, LOGO signs and other places.

    Name: 3 cm point light source
    Model: DK-LP03
    Voltage: DC12V
    Power: 0.72W
    Chip: 5050 SMD lamp beads
    Process: Secondary Packaging Technology
    Lamp beads number: 3 lights
    Luminous colors: white, red, blue, green, yellow, full color
    Control method: monochrome static, external control full color, DMX512
    Cover: Appearance, Lens, Plane, Transparent, etc.
    Material: Environmental PC cover
    Waterproof rating: IP67
    Warranty: 2 years

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