24v 2835-120D led strip
24v 2835-120D led strip
24v 2835-120D led strip
24v 2835-120D led strip

24v 2835-120D led strip

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: Low-voltage light strips generally use LED lamp beads, which have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and long life. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, low-voltage light strips have higher luminous efficiency and consume less energy.
2. Beautiful and elegant: Low-voltage light strips can achieve various beautiful effects according to different shapes and designs. For example, a linear ceiling can be installed with a linear low-voltage light strip on the top to make the entire ceiling look more beautiful.
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Product Applications
24v 2835-120D led strip Product Applications

  Low-voltage light strips are suitable for various interior decorations, especially in ceiling decoration. In ceiling decoration, low-voltage light strips can decorate the ceiling more beautifully through clever installation methods, and at the same time, they can also play a good lighting role.
In addition, low-voltage light strips can also be used in floor lamps, landscape lighting, advertising signs and other fields, with a very wide range of adaptability and usage scenarios.


Model No FPC width Voltage CRI Cutting Length LED Type LEDs/m Lumen Efficiency Power Size CCT
LS-120 8mm 24V 80 25mm mulinsen 120 22lm/m 80lm/w 14w/m 8mm can be OEM

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