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Waterproof Led Power Supply
Waterproof Led Power Supply

Waterproof Power Supply


12V/24V SMD LED Strip Lights

5v cob led strip light
5v cob led strip light

24V COB Strip Lights

3MM 5MM 8MM Width DC 5V LED Strip
3MM 5MM 8MM Width DC 5V LED Strip

12V/24V SMD LED Strip Lights

Led Downlights
Led Downlights

led spot light

Modern Track Light Zoomable
Modern Track Light Zoomable

Led Track light

Narrow Beam Ceiling Spotlights
Narrow Beam Ceiling Spotlights

led spot light

LED Magnetic Track Lighting
LED Magnetic Track Lighting

Led Track light

LED Ceiling Track Light 7W
LED Ceiling Track Light 7W

Led Track light

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Shenzhen Dekingled Co., Ltd.,Company

headquarters located in kaohsiung,.Factory located in Shiyan Town of GuangDong province , is mainly engaged in scientific research, production, technical support and service of light source product since 2014.
We are LED module Supplier, LED Power Supply, and also LED Strip Light factory, Our products range includes different kinds of energy saving lamps ,LED lamps, Eco halogen saver bulbs, Halogen bulbs ,led module, led strip and pixel light etc. All our lamps have a high reputation and hot market in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and other countries . Our factory have been ISO 9001,CE,RoHS,EMC certified.

We have strong R&D staffs and quality control team who are professional in the areas of lighting for many years.With guaranteed product quality, all items are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients, Deking LED's wholesale LED strip lights provide a cost-effective solution for all your lighting requirements.

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DekingLED factory
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Dekingled is a China professional LED Strip Lights factory, LED strip lights manufacturer and flexible SMD Led strip lights Supplier ,provides LED Strip Lights wholesale. led aluminum profile, led linear lights, cabinet lights, and led downlights are our main products. Focus on Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, and North America markets for more than 13 years.

Our led products have CE/ROHS certification for the European market and FCC/IC certification for the North American market. Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, and service as important as the products.
Welcome to Dekingled factory!

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Fast delivery

Professional LED strip lights manufacturer, Have your sample and products shipped in as fast as 7 business days


We had strength on raw material also keep optimizing our product, which make our strip with more add value, Buy Bulk LED Light Strips at a better price

Top quality

Over 10 years serving premium brands,Top raw material, strict 5 steps QC progress to make sure high quality

Technical support

Experienced LED Strip Lights wholesale, Agile Technical Support for your projects and installations
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Building exterior walls

Striped LED is used on the exterior wall of the building

interior decoration

Striped LED is used on interior decoration

Indoor roof

Striped LED is used on Indoor roof

Outdoor Landscape

Striped LED is used on Outdoor Landscape

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How is the quality of LED module suppliers?
Reputable LED module manufacturers use high-quality components and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver products that meet the highest standards of performance and durability
What is COB LED strip light
COB LED strip light or COB LED tape light, which is LED chips directly attached to the FPCB(Flexible Print Circuit Board), is a continuous and dotless led strip light. So, COB LED strip light is also called continuous led strip light or dotless led strip lights
COB VS SMD led strip
COB led strip beam angle is 180 degree, SMD led strip beam angle is 120 degree. COB led strip is better flexibility than SMD led strip. COB led strip is uniform light, dot less. COB means chip on board, COB led strip don’t has gold wire, but SMD led strip has gold wire
Main advantages and disadvantages of COB LED strips
LED continuous line. They usually have a lower consumption and higher light contribution. Their useful life is longer. They are more environmentally friendly, as they do not contain mercury. Can be used more frequently with a transparent diffuser.
How can I tell if a COB LED strip is of good quality
The thickness of the strip. It should be at least two layers, and preferably three. This is because you can be sure that it will have more copper, and that it will not overheat. On the tape. To make sure that it will be well secured and that it will not break on impact, you should check that the tape is of a recognised brand and quality. The quality of the chips. They should also be encapsulated in good condition.
What is the lifetime of COB LED strips
Again, it will depend on the quality of the strip. However, remember that LED lights generally have a longer lifespan. In fact, our strips have a lifespan of over 40,000 hours (and after this period, they still maintain 80% of their brightness).
What Is A SMD LED Strip Light
SMD LED meaning the surface mount LED lights that are installed on the flexible PCB board to form an SMD LED strip. The number following the SMD represents the SMD LED size used in the led light strip. For example, the SMD 5050 led strip, we can know that this light strip uses SMD LEDs of 5.0mm*5.0mm size.
How to choose the best SMD LED
he choice of SMD LED strips depends on your actual needs. What kind of brightness do you want? Which LED color do you prefer? 5V led strips or 12V led strip lights? Auxiliary lighting or accent lighting?
What does the number of an led chip mean
LED chips (also known as surface mounted diodes or SMDs) are all identified by a four-digit number. This code is less complicated than it looks – it simply indicates the size of the LED chip. For example, the dimensions of SMDs on 5050 LED strip lights are 5.0mm x 5.0mm
Are COB led lights better
Bending resistance, good flexibility, 180-degree light-emitting Energy-saving, high light efficiency Low heat, good heat dissipation Uniform light effect, soft, no glare, no light spots, no graininess Multicolor, dimmable Ultra-thin, high density, high CRI
How to cut and connect COB led strips
A variety of led strip lights have the ability to be cut in order to better adapt to different installation needs. And COB led light is no exception. Find the cutting line of COB led strip lights and cut along it. Do not cut to other areas. All the led strip lights only sign with cut lines can be cut. Other areas once are cut, will cause damage to the light strip. So be careful. You can choose led light connectors to connect COB led strip lights or connect the light strips by soldering. These two ways are available to use. You can select the way you like.
Can COB led lights use aluminum channels
The role of the led aluminum channels is to protect led strip lights and to emit a better light effect. If you don’t want to see the led strip light naked, you can install an aluminum channel to hide the light strip. The use of aluminum channels can also make the installation effect more beautiful. The use of light troughs for COB led lights can solve the visual flaws of reflective particles. Whether it is an office, a commercial shop, or a leisure space, the linear light style can bring visual extra points to the space when providing lighting
What is LED neon light
LED neon light is also known as led neon rope light and neon led strip light. It is a lighting decoration product. This product has anti-shatter and waterproof functions. It can be used indoors and outdoors with a waterproof rating of IP67. Its appearance is to make up for the shortcomings of glass neon tubes and fiber optic lights
What are LED neon light strips used for
LED neon strip lights are widely used in the fields of pattern modeling, advertising signs, winding characters, etc., and can also decorate and illuminate the buildings, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV, and other places. The led neon silicone material can resist the corrosion of common salt, alkali, and acid, and can be used in special environments such as seashores, yachts, chemical industries, petroleum, mine, laboratory, and so on
Are led neon signs use DC or AC
The safety that people always say in led strip lights means that it is low working voltage. There are 5V, 12V, and 24V neon led strips. In order to ensure that the color, color temperature, and brightness of the led neon rope are the same in long-distance running, the high voltage led neon light strips come out
Choose a right silicone LED neon tube light
Different installation environments require different lighting methods. There are top-emitting and side-emitting flexible led neon lighting. Side-emitting can choose a good orientation and outdoor landscape, the light has obvious directionality, which is conducive to the formation of shadows. The top-emitting light is from top to bottom, the illuminance is evenly distributed, the light color is natural, the brightness is high, and the effect is goo
LED neon VS Traditional neon light
The traditional neon light is a sealed glass tube with electrodes at both ends, which is filled with some rare gas. A voltage of several thousand volts is applied to the electrode, and the gas in the ionization tube causes it to emit light.
What is the difference between led and neon lights?
Led neon light protects the led strip light inside from external force, and can be more waterproof than the led strip. The led neon rope light has a more uniform light and has no light spot. The application is also wider and can be designed and installed into various patterns
Can you cut led neon rope light
You can cut and reconnect led neon lights by yourself. There is a translucent line on the side of the led neon tube. You can see the cutting line on the back of the led light strip, and decide where you want to cut according to the cutting line.
Are neon lights waterproof
Led neon lights are waterproof up to IP67, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Is LED Neon Flex dimmable
Neon sign led light can be controlled by the led light controller. It not only can adjust the brightness of led neon lights, and also have the ability to change colors to create various light effect
Do led neon lights take a lot of electricity
LED Neon lights emit low heat and can save energy by more than 70% compared to glass neon lights
Do LED lights use neon
Led lights use neon silicone tubes to solve the problem of insufficient flexibility of led strip lights, and the luminous effect is softer and there is no LED light spot. Can be used indoors and outdoors. You can choose top-emitting or side-emitting and the light-emitting angle. The installation effect is more aesthetic
Can led neon lights get sun damaged
LED neon lights are UV resistant, and will not yellow or age after long-term exposure to direct sunlight for more than 5 years