led module 6612
led module 6612
led module 6612
led module 6612
led module 6612
led module 6612

led module 6612

The voltage of LEDs ranges from 2-9v, and the power also has a wide range. The specific LED to choose depends on the technical requirements of the module as a product. For example, this LED module needs to output 10lm of light. If it looks better to use two LEDs, you can choose one 5lm LED. Combining other factors such as color (LED voltage is related to color), temperature, quality, etc., you can find an LED for a suitable product.
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  • dc12
  • fc
  • ra89
  • ip65


Product Applications
led module 6612 Product Applications

1 Color: According to the color type, it can be divided into three types: single color, colorful and full color single point control.

2 Voltage: 12V low-voltage modules are relatively common. When connecting the power supply and control system, be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value before powering on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.

3 Operating temperature: This is the temperature at which the LED works normally. Usually the temperature is between -20℃~+60℃.

4. Lighting angle: Generally, the lighting angle of the LED provided by the manufacturer is the angle of the LED module.

5. Brightness: What we usually call brightness in LED modules is usually luminous intensity and lumen.

6. Waterproof level: If you want to use the LED module outdoors, this parameter is very important. Usually, in a fully open-air situation, the best waterproof level should reach IP68.

7 Size: It is what is usually called length, width and height.

8. The maximum length of a single connection: It is the number of connected LED modules in a series LED module.

9 Power: Basically the power of the LED module = the power of a single LED Ⅹ the number of LEDs Ⅹ 1.1.


Model No Qty Per Set Size Lumen LED Chip Brand Voltage Current Power CCT Wire Length Angle
LM-6612 20PCS 66*12mm 25 samsung 12V 1mA/pcs 1.2 can be OEM 8cm 180°