mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung
mini led module samsung

mini led module samsung

The voltage of LEDs ranges from 2-9v, and the power also has a wide range. The specific LED to choose depends on the technical requirements of the module as a product. For example, this LED module needs to output 10lm of light. If it looks better to use two LEDs, you can choose one 5lm LED. Combining other factors such as color (LED voltage is related to color), temperature, quality, etc., you can find an LED for a suitable product.
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Product Applications
mini led module samsung Product Applications

1. At present, the light sources used for luminous characters are mainly LED three-light, five-light, and six-light light source modules with conventionally set input voltages of DC12V. They require DC12V output from a constant-voltage switching power supply as the power supply, so It should be noted that if a switching power supply is not installed when installing the luminous characters, do not directly connect the luminous characters or the LED light source module to the AC 220V mains power supply, otherwise the LED light source will be burned out due to excessive voltage.

2. In order to prevent the switching power supply from working at full load for a long time, the optimal load power of the switching power supply and LED is 1:0.8. According to this configuration, the service life of the product will be safer and longer.

3. If there are more than 25 modules, they should be connected separately first, and then connected in parallel to the outside of the luminous letter box with high-quality copper core wires larger than 1.5 square millimeters. The length of the power cord should be as short as possible. If it exceeds 3 meters, it must be Appropriately increase the wire diameter. Unused wires at the end of the module must be cut and pasted firmly to avoid short circuits. If necessary, use self-tapping screws to fix the non-waterproof series. When the non-waterproof series is used outdoors, waterproof measures must be taken for the channel characters;

4. There must be sufficient brightness. The visual brightness of the module spacing needs to be between 3 and 6CM, and the thickness of the characters can be between 5 and 15CM. There are two types of LED light sources suitable for luminous characters: piranha and straw hat. Piranha luminous module is suitable for luminous characters with a character wall height between 8-15cm.

5. When using LED lighting modules, you must pay attention to the voltage drop problem. Never make just one circuit, starting from the beginning and connecting it to the end. Doing so w


Model No Qty Per Set Size Lumen LED Chip Brand Voltage Current Power CCT Wire Length Angle
LM-2602 20PCS 26*2mm 25 samsung 12V 1mA/pcs 1.5 can be OEM 8cm 180°