What should I do if the LED light strip fails to stick when installed?

2024/04led strip light source

It may bother you when the LED light strip does not adhere firmly. This situation may cause the light strip to fall off or become loose, affecting the lighting effect and decorative effect. However, don’t worry, we are going to cover some ways to fix this problem in this article.

If the LED light strip fails to stick after installation, there may be several reasons. Here are some solutions:

Clean the surface: Make sure the surface you want to attach the LED strip to is clean, smooth and free of grease or dust. Wipe the surface with detergent or alcohol and allow to dry thoroughly.

Use adhesive tape: Consider using double-sided tape, especially those specifically designed for use with LED light strips. These tapes generally have stronger adhesion.

Heated tape: Some double-sided tapes require a certain temperature for optimal adhesion. You can use a hair dryer to gently heat the tape and then press to make sure it's firmly attached to the surface.

Use glue: If double-sided tape cannot meet the requirements, you can consider using special LED light strip glue. Make sure to choose a glue that is suitable for your strip light type and surface, and follow the instructions.

Add support: Before installation, consider adding some support to the surface, such as clamps, clips, or brackets, to provide extra support and stability.

Surface treatment: Some surfaces may require special treatment, such as sanding or sanding, to increase adhesion.

Avoid moisture: Humidity may affect the adhesive properties of the tape, so make sure both the strip and the surface are dry.

Consider alternative mounting methods: If none of the above work, consider alternative mounting methods such as brackets, clips, or secondary support structures.

Before attempting any new installation, be sure to carefully read the installation instructions for your LED light strip to ensure that your operation will not damage the light strip or violate any warranty terms. If you're not sure how to do this, it's best to seek advice from a professional or installation expert


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