Are SMD light strips high voltage or low voltage? Understand the voltage of SMD light strips

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In the field of home decoration and lighting, SMD light strips have become a very popular choice. Not only do they provide stunning lighting effects to your space, they can also be used to create unique atmospheres and decorative effects. However, a common question for people who want to install SMD light strips is whether SMD light strips are high voltage or low voltage? Today, we will answer this question for you and help you better understand the voltage of SMD strips.

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Voltage type of SMD light strip
There are two common voltage types of SMD light strips: high voltage (220V) and low voltage (24V, 12V and 5V).

1. High voltage SMD light strip (220V)
Long-distance installation: Due to the higher voltage of high-voltage SMD light strips, they can be installed over longer distances without significant brightness drop. This makes it ideal for projects that require continuous decoration along a large area of wall or ceiling.

Professional installation: High-voltage SMD light strips usually require professional electricians to install because they have higher voltage requirements and require more careful handling to ensure safety. High-voltage light strips are generally installed in places that are out of reach of people.
2. Low voltage SMD light strip
24V low-voltage SMD light strip: This type of SMD light strip provides higher brightness while also having a relatively low voltage. It is suitable for large home decoration projects such as large bookshelves, entertainment centers and kitchen lighting.

12V Low Voltage SMD Light Strips: 12V low voltage SMD light strips are ideal for home lighting and small decoration projects with lower energy consumption. In addition, installation is safer and easier due to the lower voltage.

5V low voltage SMD light strip: This low voltage SMD light strip is suitable for small DIY projects, such as decorative cabinets, furniture toys or small artwork, cars, etc. Not only are they energy efficient, they are also easy to install

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