Why 2835 is the first choice when buying low-voltage light strips

2024/04led strip light source

The low-voltage LED light strip market has been developing for several years, and many inexperienced LED light strip users have already become experienced users in the light strip industry.

According to business statistics, experienced users are choosing 2835 flexible light strips. So what are the advantages of 2835 low voltage light strip? Let’s take a look at the advantages of 2835LED flexible light strips!

1. Good heat dissipation and stable quality

For SMD2835 chip lamp beads, the heat dissipation method of thermoelectric separation is adopted. By drilling holes on the lamp bead holder and installing a thermal conductive sheet, the heat of the chip is directly conducted to the aluminum substrate. This can greatly improve the stability of the 2835 lamp bead, thus Extend and ensure the service life of 2835LED flexible light strip.

  2. High light efficiency and high lumens

Another advantage of 2835 is its high-quality light efficiency and lumen value. The conventional 0.2W 2835 lamp is about 22Lm-28Lm. In addition, a single lumen of 0.5W 2835 lamp bead can reach more than 40Lm. We know that in the past we found 5050 soft lamps There is a lot of demand for strips, but in recent years, many customers of DeKingLED Optoelectronics mainly use 2835 light strips. For those high-quality engineering projects, we will recommend the use of 2835, because the brightness and lifespan can be well guaranteed. High-quality 2835LED Flexible light strips can be used for at least 3-5 years.

  3. Cost-effectiveness

We know that in today's mixed low-voltage LED light strip market, the cost-effectiveness of light strips has always been the constant pursuit of many users. No one is willing to buy some LED light strips that will cause a large number of dead lights within a few hours. For 2835 light strips can just meet the needs of many lighting projects and some large lighting manufacturers. On the one hand, the price of 2835 light strips is obviously much more favorable than that of 5050, 5730 and other light strips. In addition, under the same environment, the same price The service life of 2835 low-voltage light strips is generally more advantageous than other types of light strips.

4.Wide color options

2835 lamp beads can provide a variety of different color options, including red, green, blue, yellow, purple, etc. Consumers can choose the color that suits them according to their needs and preferences.

In general, it is a wise choice to choose low-voltage LED light strips with 2835 lamp beads, which have the advantages of high brightness, high efficiency and energy saving, reasonable price and wide color options. Of course, when consumers purchase LED light strips, they also need to choose the appropriate size, color, brightness and other parameters according to actual needs in order to obtain the best lighting effect.

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