What does the brightness unit K in LED strips mean?

2024/04led strip light source

When buying LED light strips, you can often see a parameter, which is how much K, the common ones are 2000K-6000K. Of course, as a novice, you will not understand what this K means.

Today Zhengbang Optoelectronics is here to answer your questions.

"K" actually stands for color temperature

Color temperature is a physical quantity used in lighting optics to define the color of a light source. That is, when a black body is heated to a temperature such that the color of the light it emits is the same as the color of the light emitted by a certain light source, the temperature at which the black body is heated is called the color temperature of the light source, or color temperature for short. Its unit is expressed in "K" (Kelvin temperature unit).

Color temperature (colo(u)r temperature) is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in photography, video, publishing and other fields. The color temperature of a light source is determined by comparing its color to a theoretical thermal blackbody radiator. The Kelvin temperature at which a thermal blackbody radiator matches the color of a light source is the color temperature of that light source, which is directly related to Planck's blackbody radiation law.

The color temperature of the LED strip is 4000K, which is cool white. According to my country's "National Standard for Lighting": 2700-4000K is warm white. 4000-5700k belongs to confession. 6000-7000k belongs to white. 8000k is a cool white color. The color temperature of lights in large shopping malls and hotels is basically around 4000K. 4000 is generally called cool white officially, and 4000-5000 (neutral white) for home use is good. Supplement: Color temperature is a unit of measurement that represents the color components contained in light. Theoretically, color temperature refers to the color of an absolute black body when it is heated from absolute zero (-273°C). After the black body is heated. Gradually changes from black to red, to yellow, to white, and finally to blue light.

Normally, the light of a lamp seen by the human eye is composed of a spectrum of seven colors of light. But some of the light is bluish and some is reddish. Color temperature is a method specifically used to measure and calculate the color components of light.

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