Characteristics and applications of 5050 lamp bead lighting

2024/04led strip light source

5050 is equipped with IC magic lamp beads inside, which are lamp beads that integrate LED chips and light control ICs. LEDs generally have three colors: R, G, and B. The appearance is the same as the 5050 LED lamp beads. Each element is a pixel.

Application range of approximately 5050 lighting beads.

1. LED full-color luminous strings, LED full-color soft light strips and hard light strips, and LED guardrail tubes.

2. LED point light sources, LED pixel screens, LED special-shaped screens, various electronic products, and electrical equipment operating lights.

Features of 5050 built-in IC phantom lamp beads.

1. Top-grade SMD internally integrates high-quality external control single-wire series constant current IC.

2. Grayscale adjustment circuit, 256 levels of grayscale can also be adjusted.

3. A data shaping circuit is set up internally, and the signal received by each pixel is output after waveform shaping, ensuring that waveform distortion on the line will not accumulate.

4. There are power-on reset and power-off reset circuits internally, and the light does not light up after power-on.

5. Using shaping and forwarding enhancement technology, the transmission distance between two points exceeds 10M.

6. After special processing of the red light driver, the color matching is more uniform.

7. Apply single-line data transmission and can be infinitely cascaded.

8. The control circuit and chip are integrated on the SMD 5050 component, achieving complete external control of the pixels, making the color temperature presentation even and consistent.

9. The data transmission frequency is as high as 800Kbps. When the refresh rate is 30 frames/second, the number of cascades is not less than 10 times.

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