What is the difference between black and milky white silicone neon strips?

2024/04led strip light source

Silicone neon light strips are extruded from one piece of silicone. Currently, there are three types of silicone: milky white, black and transparent silicone.

What exactly is the difference? Let’s take a look. The more commonly used ones are milky white silicone neon light strips and transparent silicone sleeve light strips. The milky white silicone neon light strips are as shown below: the whole body is white silicone, and inside the silicone is a conventional bare light strip, including square, round, Various shapes such as special shapes, the following are conventional square silicone neon light strips, the size is flexible, the conventional luminous surface is 4mm-30mm, the current smallest silicone neon light strip cross-sectional size is: 04*08mm, the luminous surface of the light strip is 4mm, suitable Narrower installation space.

White silica gel has a high light transmittance, usually up to 65-70%, with uniform light emission, no spots, no shadows, and bright and pure light color.

Black silicone neon light strips are also extruded in one piece. The light transmittance of black silicone will be lower than that of milky white silicone. What does it look like? Please see the picture.

The whole body is black and has low light transmittance, so it can be used in spaces with weak demand for brightness.

Transparent silicone tube light strips are also extruded. There are two types: hollow extrusion molding and solid extrusion molding. The silicone is transparent, as shown below ~ high light transmittance, which is almost the same as the light output of bare light strips. Bright light color~

Silicone light strips use silicone for waterproofing. The waterproof level of silicone neon light strips can be as high as IP67. The waterproof level of conventional silicone glue and silicone tube light strips is IP65/67.

In addition, silicone has strong flexibility, is easy to shape and design, and can also have a dust-proof effect, making it easy to clean when used in indoor home decoration cabinets.

In addition, the silicone neon light strip is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, and UV resistant. It has an operating temperature of -25-65°C, a voltage of DC24V/12V, good heat dissipation, and a long service life.


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