Seven major application scenarios of LED light strips

2024/04led strip light source

LED light strips, as decorative lighting and atmosphere manufacturing LED light source products, can be seen everywhere in lighting applications in various industries at this stage. Whether it is lighting effects, decoration or lighting, they can perfectly control any scene. Through the formation of the spatial light environment, a fascinating space and image are created. Under the decoration of LED light strips, in the originally extremely simple space form, it gives people a touching class aesthetic feeling. LED light strips are widely used in industrial, commercial, advertising, home, entertainment and other industries.

1. Application of entertainment facilities

Basically, the most colorful lighting effects appear in entertainment facilities such as stages, bars, KTVs, etc. LED strips emit light in various and colorful colors, so various entertainment facilities create atmosphere and form lighting effects. LED is the best choice for light source. . LED light strips have different lighting effects and scenes depending on the atmosphere. In these places, lighting can best bring people in.

2. Automotive interior applications

Now more and more people are decorating their cars. In addition to the decoration of the exterior and lights, the interior decoration of the car is also valued by many people. Oil lamp LED uses ring lights to create an "angel eye" effect, and LED light strips are also used inside the car to create an atmospheric effect. Especially if you use music light strips, the time effect of playing music will change with the music, and you can experience both aspects of the sound.

3. Home decoration application

Modern home decoration styles increasingly emphasize the combination of lighting effects and furniture. LED lighting tools have basically replaced traditional bulb lighting. LED light strips are used in many places to create lighting effects. They are used to set off the atmosphere of the entire house layout, such as the ceiling of the living room. The background wall and TV are the parts where light strips are most used. The effect of ceiling light strips in conjunction with the main lights is a perfect visual experience. In addition, using high-luminosity light strips can also be used as an independent lighting source, which not only saves energy, but also provides a gentle lighting effect during periods when strong light is not used. After using light strips on the TV background wall, the light source of the TV can be diffused while watching TV without turning on the main light, which has the effect of protecting eyesight. Places where LED light strips are used in home decoration include bookshelves, bookshelves, wine cabinets, indoor stairs, etc. .


4. Hotel decorative lighting application

A hotel provides a place for guests to rest. The overall lighting of the hotel has different lighting needs depending on the area and function. It can be roughly divided into lobby lighting, corridor lighting, guest room lighting, conference room lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting, etc. The application of LED light strips as decorative lighting is to enrich the lighting level of the hotel environment and improve the design sense of the space. Reasonable use of LED light strips in hotels can create a comfortable, attractive, and functional accommodation environment.


5. Lighting application for commercial and supermarket decoration and display props

The application of light strip department stores is mainly the application of combining various downlights, lamps and other lighting appliances. The most common applications are scenes such as the slope of ceiling trenches in department stores and cabinet display racks. On the ceiling of a department store, the scene depicting the dark ditch is created, and the application of LED light strips can make the space layered and beautiful, and improve the shopping environment for consumers. In the application of various cabinet display racks, according to the needs of each scene, products are highlighted and consumers' desire to purchase is promoted.


6. Use of outdoor construction lighting

With the improvement of living standards, people now focus on the quality of life at night, especially walking in parks, amusement parks and other places at night, which can correspond to outdoor lighting and lighting effects. As an integral part of urban lighting, the building's brightness lighting is the most important LED product for building brightness lighting with LED lights. For lighting, you only need to light up street lamps, and the lighting effects are produced with LED light strips. Using strip lights on corner buildings, trees, lawns, sculptures, sidewalks can create different effects.


7. Special effects production applications

In many places, such as movie theaters, time tunnels, and the appearance of department store buildings, lighting is needed to achieve effects. With the use of upstream water lamps, you can feel the sense of presence and interest.

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