In-depth analysis of the difference between LED light strips and COB light strips

2024/04led strip light source

In the colorful picture of modern lighting technology, LED light strips and COB (Chip on Board) light strips occupy a place with their unique charm. Just like the stars in the night sky and the flowing Milky Way, they each emit different lights and illuminate people's living spaces. Today, let us enter the world of these two light strips and explore the subtle differences between them.

Light source structure: COB light strip integrates multiple LED chips on a substrate, and the light-emitting area is continuous and uniform. This design makes the light source of the COB light strip more compact and integrated. In contrast, traditional LED light strips arrange single LED chips side by side on the light strip, and the light sources are relatively more dispersed.

Light efficiency and brightness: The light efficiency of COB light strips is about 30% higher than that of LED light strips, so under the same power, the brightness of COB light strips is higher. Since the light source structure of COB light strips is more compact, when multiple LED chips work at the same time, the light-emitting area is larger and the brightness is higher, which makes COB light strips more suitable when higher brightness lighting effects are required.

Environmental performance: COB light strips do not require the use of harmful substances such as mercury during the production process, so they are more environmentally friendly during use. At the same time, COB lamp strips have high color rendering, light color close to natural color, no flicker, no glare, no electromagnetic radiation, no ultraviolet radiation, and no infrared radiation, which can protect eyes and skin.

In terms of service life: COB light strips usually have certain advantages. Since COB technology encapsulates the LED chip directly on the substrate, this structure helps dissipate heat, thereby extending the overall life of the light strip. In contrast, LED light strips have relatively weak heat dissipation capabilities, which may affect their long-term stability.

Generally speaking, COB light strips are better than LED light strips in terms of light efficiency and brightness, but they may also be more expensive due to their complex structure. When choosing a light strip, you should decide which type of light strip to use based on actual lighting needs, budget, and considerations of light efficiency and environmental protection.



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