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2024/04led strip light source

LED strip lights are a great tool for indirect lighting and are very common in hotels, high-end shopping malls and home lighting applications. Seeing the light but not seeing the lamp is our most vivid understanding of LED strip lights. Since the light strip is installed in a hidden way, the light source is not exposed, which can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by glare to the human eye. Therefore, LED strip lights are widely used in various commercial spaces and home lighting. They are mainly used for indirect lighting of light troughs, large-area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, and lighting of showcases or walls.

Although LED strip lights are good, there are always times when the light output is unsatisfactory. To solve the problem of poor light output, start from the source, that is, when choosing a light strip, you must choose it well. Below, the editor will share a few simple tips for choosing a light strip, so that you can become an expert in choosing a light strip immediately!

The light should be even

Uniform luminescence has two meanings:

1) The brightness between lamp beads must be consistent, which is related to the quality of LED lamp beads.

Quick judgment method: use your eyes! Use your eyes to observe whether the light strip emits even light.

2) The brightness at the beginning and end of the light strip must be consistent, which is related to the voltage drop of the LED light strip.

LED strip lights need to be driven by a power supply to emit light. When the voltage drop of the LED driving power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the beginning and end of an LED light strip that is too long will be inconsistent.

Quick judgment method: connect the required length, light up the strip lights, compare them side by side, and observe with your eyes.

Light color should be consistent

Light color consistency is also a parameter that tests whether the quality of an LED lamp bead is qualified.

Judgment method: Look directly at the light strip, or find a piece of white paper and hold it vertically close to the LED light-emitting surface. You can basically judge whether the light color of this light strip is consistent. Seeing with your eyes is the most intuitive.

Choose the right color temperature

General light strip products provide 3000K and 4000K color temperatures to choose from. Seton LED light strip products are available in 4 color temperatures, 2400K, 2700K, 4000K and 6400K. Hotels, high-end shopping malls and homes can use low color temperatures below 3000K to create a warm atmosphere; offices can use cold light sources with higher color temperatures.

good color rendering

The color rendering of LED strip lights must be high, especially when used in large-area luminous ceilings as basic lighting or in showcases as display lighting. The color rendering index Ra>80 is what a professional LED light strip must meet. requirements. This is also a requirement of the national standard GB50034-2013.

The above few tips for selecting strip lights can help us choose a more satisfactory product when purchasing strip lights. But if you choose the right light strip, you must also install it correctly.

Here we also provide you with several solutions to the problem of poor light output when installing strip lights.

Light effects are uneven

If the light effect is not uniform, installation slots can be used. Because during decoration, the wall painting itself cannot be in an ideal flat state, so uneven lighting is prone to occur. Using an installation box can effectively solve this problem.

Light can't come out

The light-emitting angle of LED strip lights is usually only 120 degrees. Some light troughs are too high and we cannot see the light produced by LED strip lights. In this regard, you can raise the LED light strip so that the distance between the light strip and the upper edge of the light trough is about 4-5cm; or attach the light strip to the side wall.

When the strip lights is connected too long, the tail of the strip lights is not bright enough.

1) Use a more powerful constant voltage driver. Unlike using a 3A electrical appliance to drive the 3528 flexible strip lights up to 6 meters, in order to prevent the tail of the strip lights from not being bright enough, a 4A electrical appliance can be used to ensure that the electrical appliance has sufficient margin. But the power of electrical appliances does not need to be too high, otherwise it will cause waste.

2) Change the connection method of the strip light. The 6-meter 3528 can be connected in parallel with a 5-meter + 1-meter strip light, or a 3-meter + 3-meter combination.

LED strip lights are divided into two categories: soft and hard. The types and installation methods of indoor and outdoor strip lights are also different. The purchase and installation should be based on the actual use to ensure good light output and extend the service life.

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