COB strip light, feel the beauty of seeing the light without seeing the lamp

2024/04led strip light source

Many designers will introduce the concept of "strip lights" to light up the space in interior design. Design strip lights in the suspended ceiling, and the strip lights surround the ceiling line. The bright light refracted and combined with the open space will make the entire living room brighter.

It can increase the layering of the top, and the combination of light and dark can also form a contrast between reality and reality, and the effect of combining movement and stillness. Wall strip lights are simple and fashionable, with a more three-dimensional and virtual feeling. They can collide with round curves or interesting geometric shapes, bringing full vitality to the space.

It has a very wide range of application areas. It can be used with decorative paintings, cabinets, wardrobes, soft bags, bathroom mirrors, corners, uneven background walls, etc. to create a strong artistic atmosphere. Let’s take two regional spaces to talk about the application of COB strip lights and feel the beauty of seeing the light without seeing the lights.

Bedroom hidden lighting design

       We can hide lamp strips and light sources at the bedside. The advantage of this is that it can create a good sleeping area and avoid high-intensity irradiation of the main light.
Moreover, most of them have the habit of using electronic products before going to bed. You must know that staring at electronic screens in poor lighting conditions is very harmful to your eyesight. However, if you turn on the main light, it may appear too bright, which is not conducive to the cultivation of sleep. . Therefore, embedding soft strip lights above the bedside can solve this problem very well.
Stair lighting design

Traditional stair lighting is to choose wall lamps or chandeliers. The space lighting effect is good, but it is far away from the stairs and it is difficult to illuminate each step clearly. In fact, stairs are very suitable for strip lights design. Hidden strip lights can solve the problem of dim lighting on stairs, and the light will not be dazzling. Through the layered contrast of light and dark, it presents a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment. Compared with conventional main lights, LED strip lights Lighting energy consumption can also be saved a lot.

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