Can COB LED Strip Lights Be Cut to Size?

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Flexibility and Customization Options

COB (Chip on Board) LED strip lights are renowned for their seamless light output and flexibility, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial lighting projects. One of the standout features of these lights is their ability to be cut to specific lengths. This capability allows for tailored lighting solutions that can fit virtually any space precisely.

Understanding the Cutting Process

Each COB LED strip comes with designated cutting points spaced at intervals—commonly every 50mm or 100mm. These points are clearly marked, usually by a line across the strip and sometimes with scissors icons. Cutting outside of these designated areas can damage the strip and void warranties, so it’s crucial to follow these guides.

How to Cut COB LED Strips Safely

To cut your COB LED strip lights, you need a sharp pair of scissors or a cutting tool. First, ensure the strip is turned off and unplugged. Locate the nearest cut-line to the length you require and make a straight cut along this line. It’s essential to cut precisely to avoid damaging the electrical circuits within the strip.

Ensuring Functionality After Cutting

After cutting the COB LED strip to your desired length, the next step is to prepare the strip for use. If you’re planning to reconnect the cut sections, additional connectors are required. These connectors snap or slide onto the ends of the strips to bridge them together. It’s important to match the connector type to the strip model to ensure compatibility and functionality.

Key Considerations for Custom Lengths

When planning to cut COB LED strip lights, consider the total wattage and the power supply. The power unit must be able to support the total wattage of the strips used. Overloading the power supply can lead to overheating and potential failure.

Where to Find Quality COB LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking for high-quality COB LED strip lights that can be cut to size, check out COB LED Strip Lights for a range of options that meet various lighting needs.

Final Thoughts

The ability to cut COB LED strip lights to size is a game-changer for creating customized lighting environments. With careful planning and precise cutting, these lights can provide continuous, bright, and efficient lighting tailored exactly to your requirements.


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