How to Select the Right Power Supply for 24V COB Strip Lights?

2024/06led strip light source

Understand the Voltage and Wattage Requirements
When choosing a power supply for 24V COB strip lights, the first step is to confirm the voltage and total wattage needed. Since these lights operate at 24 volts, selecting a 24V DC power supply is crucial to match the voltage requirement precisely. Overlooking this detail can lead to inefficient lighting performance or potential damage to the LED strips.

Calculate the Total Wattage
To determine the right power supply, calculate the total wattage your strip lights will consume. For example, if each meter of your COB strip consumes 12 watts and you have 10 meters installed, the total wattage is 120 watts. In this scenario, you would need a power supply that can handle at least 120 watts. To ensure longevity and reliability, consider a power supply that offers a higher wattage than your calculated total to avoid overloading.

Consider the Efficiency Rating
Power supplies come with efficiency ratings, often listed as a percentage. A higher efficiency rating means that the power supply converts electricity to power with minimal energy loss. Look for a power supply with an efficiency of 80% or higher to maximize energy use and minimize heat generation, which can affect the lifespan of both your power supply and LED strips.

Check for Overload Protection
Safety features are essential when selecting a power supply. A unit with overload protection ensures that it will shut down before it overheats or damages the connected 24V COB strip lights. This feature is crucial if there is ever an unexpected increase in load or a short circuit within the lighting setup.

Select a Waterproof Option If Necessary
If your installation involves areas where water exposure is possible, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor settings, opting for a waterproof power supply is wise. These are typically rated with an IP (Ingress Protection) code that indicates their resistance to elements. For example, an IP67 power supply is completely protected against dust and can handle temporary immersion in water, making it ideal for outdoor or humid environments.

Installation Location and Ventilation
Consider where you will install the power supply. It should be placed in a location where air can circulate freely around it to avoid overheating. Avoid enclosed spaces without ventilation, and never cover the power supply, as this can lead to heat buildup and potential failure.

Selecting the appropriate power supply for your 24V COB Strip Lights is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. By following these guidelines, you ensure that your lighting installation is safe, efficient, and capable of providing the high-quality illumination that COB technology offers.


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