Can the silicone soft strip light be bent at right angles?

2024/06led strip light source

1. Characteristics of Silicone Soft Strip Light 

Silicone soft light strip is a high-brightness, energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light strip with the following characteristics:
(1). High softness: The use of silicone material makes the light strip soft and bendable, which is convenient for various designs and usage requirements.
(2). High color rendering: The LED lamp beads used in the light strip have high color rendering, which is not only bright and colorful, but also has high color reproduction.
(3). Good waterproofness: The light strip adopts IP65 waterproof grade, which makes it safe to use in humid and rainy places.
(4). Strong durability: After multiple rigorous electrical characteristics tests and accelerated life tests, the light strip has a long life and is not easy to burn out.

2. Bending performance of silicone soft strip light 
Silicone soft light strip is specially designed for bending in different occasions. Its bending performance has the following characteristics:
(1). Right-angle bending: Silicone soft light strip is very flexible, so it can be bent at right angles, such as the right angle you asked.
(2). Hangable: The soft light strip can be hung on glass, walls, indoors and outdoors, etc.
(3). Multi-angle bending: The light strip can be bent into different angles and shapes of acute or obtuse angles as needed.

In short, the silicone soft light strip can be bent at right angles, and the bending performance is very good. If you need to use the light strip in your design, you can consider using silicone soft light strip to meet various bending requirements.

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