How long do LED light strips last?

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Are you doing some research before buying an LED light strip? Or do you want to replace your old light source with a new one? No matter the situation, LED light strips are a popular choice for decorating your home due to their long lifespan.

Never forget you get what you pay for! The same goes for LED lights. However, the lifespan of an LED light strip depends on many factors, such as:

●Detailed installation

● Product quality

● Diode manufacturers

● How often you use them and more!

The lifespan of LED light strips is approximately 20,000 to 50,000 hours. This means you may need to replace these lights after many years.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about frequent replacement of LED decorative lights. We have discussed several characteristics of these lightning systems in previous articles. This guide will discuss some of the factors that determine how long an LED strip will last and more! Stay tuned with us to get answers to your queries.

How long do LED light strips last?
Do you want a simple answer? Well, depending on their quality and installation process, these lights can last for several years. Let’s discuss some of the key factors that determine the lifespan of these lights.

1. Installation process
Proper installation will definitely increase the life cycle of your smart LED strips. Follow proper instructions and perform electrical work safely. Use the appropriate wire gauge to connect the strip light to the external power source

Don't buy low-quality light strips. Quality also determines the life of LED decorative lights. But a lightning product from a reliable brand.

3. Exposure to moisture
These lights are sensitive to heat and moisture. Therefore, try to keep the test strips in a dry environment. It will break down quickly if exposed to moisture for a long time. Therefore, environmental protection is essential to improve the life cycle of LED light strips.

4. Usage
The duration of LED light strips also depends on their usage. It will stay brighter for longer if you use it only for a specific purpose, such as birthday occasions.

5. Warranty
The manufacturer's warranty also provides you with detailed information about the life cycle of the LED light strip.
It’s important to know about L80, L70 and L50

These numbers provide consumers with knowledge when a light stops working. You can understand it better through the following points:

  ● The L80 label indicates that the light is expected to achieve 80% of its normal life in 50,000 hours

  ● Meanwhile, L70 means 70% normal life of 50,000 hours, etc.

How to improve the service life of LED light strips?

Everyone wants to increase the life cycle of their LED decorative lights. Of course, so do you. Below we have mentioned some tips that will help you a lot. Properly maintaining your LED light strips can save you time and money.

1. Don’t leave the LED light on
Sometimes we forget to turn off the lights, but this is not a good habit. Turning off LED decorative lights promptly can extend their service life. At the same time, if you leave your decorative light on all night, its service life will be shortened.

2. Correct installation
As mentioned earlier, installation also determines longevity. The diode can be damaged by any bends or creases. So please pay attention and install the settings correctly.

3. Safety checklist is also important
LED lights should be purchased with safety listings such as ETL or UL.

4. Avoid series connection
Series connections can harm you and shorten the life of your LED string lights. Do not connect more than 2 strips in series. Series connection may cause damage or fire hazard due to increased voltage.

5. Collect dust particles
Dust particles are the main cause of damage to LED light strips. So make sure your decorative lights are clean and dust-free

6. Direct contact will shorten the lifespan
It is best to avoid direct contact when transporting LED light strips. Wear gloves during installation. The chemicals in the test strips may irritate or damage your skin.

Since LED lights do not contain any filament, unlike incandescent bulbs. Therefore, this factor helps increase the lifespan of the LED strips. In addition to this, the life can also be calculated by the consumption of the power LED.

Charm: high-quality LED light strip products
Quality is very important if you want to buy a light that lasts longer. High-quality LED light strips perform better and run longer. Glamor is popular for offering the best LED lighting products that are affordable and feature-packed.

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bottom line
The approximate life cycle of LED lights is approximately 50,000 hours. But these numbers depend on the quality of the product and how long you use the LED strip. Factors that may shorten life expectancy include:

  ● Improper installation

  ● Long-term exposure to high temperature and humidity

  ● Poor electrical connection

In addition, the quality of raw materials also determines the life cycle of LED light strips. You can increase your actual lifespan by following the steps above

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