How many lamp beads are suitable for one meter of LED lamp strip?

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The number of lamp beads per meter of LED strip depends on a variety of factors, including:

Required brightness: The more lamp beads, the higher the brightness.
Light dispersion: Smaller spacing between lamp beads produces more uniform light dispersion.
Cost: The more lamp beads, the higher the cost.
Typically, 60-120 lamp beads per meter is considered suitable, with the exact number depending on the factors mentioned above

Common number of lamp beads per meter:

30-60 pcs: low brightness, suitable for decorative lighting.
60-120 pcs: Medium brightness, suitable for most indoor and outdoor lighting needs.
120-240 pcs: High brightness, suitable for commercial lighting or situations requiring extremely high brightness.
Selection tips:

For decorative lighting, 30-60 beads per meter will do.
For indoor lighting, 60-120 lamp beads per meter is suitable.
For outdoor lighting or applications requiring high brightness, 120-240 beads per meter is ideal.
In addition, the type of LED beads (e.g. SMD 5050, SMD 2835) should also be considered as they affect brightness and light dispersion

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