Besides lumens, what other parameters should you pay attention to when buying LED lights?

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When purchasing LED lights, in addition to lumens, you also need to pay attention to the following important parameters:
Color rendering index is a key parameter. It reflects the ability of the light source to restore the color of the object. LED lights with high color rendering index can more accurately present the true color of objects, which is particularly important for scenes that require accurate color judgment (such as studios, clothing stores, etc.).
Color temperature is also important. It determines the hue of the light. Common color temperatures include warm yellow light (2700K-3000K), natural white light (4000K-5000K) and cool white light (above 6000K). Choosing a color temperature that suits the needs of the scene can create different atmospheres.
Flicker is another parameter to look at. Strobe can cause visual fatigue and discomfort, especially in scenes where it is used for a long time (such as offices, study rooms, etc.). Opting for flicker-free LED lights can improve visual comfort.
In addition, the beam angle will also affect the lighting effect. Narrow beam angles are suitable for accent lighting, while wide beam angles provide wider illumination.
Brightness uniformity is also an important consideration. Uniform brightness distribution can provide a better visual experience.
Power and energy efficiency are also something to pay attention to. Lower wattage LED lights save energy, while energy efficient fixtures reduce energy consumption.
When purchasing LED lights, you can take the following steps to ensure you choose the right product:
Understand the meaning and importance of different parameters.
Check the product manual and specification sheet for detailed parameter information.
Compare the parameters of different products and choose according to your needs.
You can refer to other users’ reviews and suggestions.
In summary, when purchasing LED lights, in addition to lumens, you also need to pay attention to parameters such as color rendering index, color temperature, strobe, beam angle, brightness uniformity, power and energy efficiency to choose the lamp that best suits your specific needs. This ensures a good lighting effect and usage experience.


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