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2024/04led strip light source

LED waterproof flexible light strips are LED light strips that have been treated with waterproofing technology. Usually the waterproof strip level is IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, etc.

Waterproof process

LED light strips are IP65 waterproof: usually also called surface glue waterproof light strips, they are made of epoxy resin glue and PU glue. Place the LED light strip flatly on the glue-dispensing table, use double-sided tape to fix the LED light strip on the back, and then drip a layer of glue on the surface of the LED light strip to make the surface waterproof.

LED light strips are IP66 waterproof: They are also commonly called hollow full-tube waterproof light strips. The commonly used casings are silicone full casings and PVC full casings.

LED light bar IP67 waterproof: It is also usually called half-casing glue-dipping waterproofing or half-casing glue-filling waterproofing, that is, the bottom is covered with a half-sleeve, and then glued or glued.

LED light strips are IP68 waterproof: usually called full casing glue filling waterproofing or full casing glue drawing waterproofing, it is the highest waterproof level among LED light strips and can be used completely in water.

LED light strip glue

Glue dispensing is the last process in the light bar, and it is also an important process. If the glue is not selected or dripped well, the entire light bar will be scrapped.

Modified LED light strip glue is a two-component modified resin that is curable at room temperature. It does not contain any solvents and volatiles. The cured product has excellent resistance to yellowing, low temperature resistance and weather resistance. It can be used in Long-term outdoor use. It is the latest adhesive developed by chemical engineers who have been working on the front line for a long time after thousands of experiments. All raw materials and products are managed with electronic labels. The server collects real-time data from the electronic scale in real time, and each batch number of the product is All have video data, successfully solving the traceability problem of chemical liquid products in the industry, laying a solid foundation for quality management, and providing guarantee for stable quality. It solves the yellowing, corrosiveness, and weather resistance of epoxy resin; Cost-effectiveness and allergenic properties of polyurethane.

Modified lamp strip glue has the good performance of PU, anti-allergic, waterproof, soft, good toughness, high transparency, good adhesion, good weather resistance, and non-corrosive

Specification classification

According to the specifications of LED: it is divided into 3528LED waterproof light bar, 5050LED waterproof light bar, 335 side-emitting LED waterproof light bar, 3020LED waterproof soft light bar, 0805LED waterproof soft light bar, etc. The most commonly used ones are: 2835 light bar, 3528 light Strip, 5050 light strip.

According to the number of LED lights and specifications:

30 lights per meter (3528, 5050),

60 lights per meter (2835LED light bar, 3528LED light bar, 5050LED light bar),

90 lights per meter (2835/3528),

120 lights per meter (2835LED light strip, 3528LED light strip, 5050)

240 lights per meter (2835LED light strip), and high density 480/560, etc.

The board used by the LED flexible light strip is FPC board, which is divided into single panel and double panel. The FPC color is butter, white oil or black oil. Widths include 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm and other specifications. W low-voltage boards are available in DC12V and DC24V, and high-voltage boards are in AC110V and AC220V.

LED light strip application

1. Home decoration;

2. Path indication and exterior wall decoration;

3. Billboard backlight lighting, advertising signs, channel signal signs, etc.;

4. Car chassis decoration, high-level brake indication, body decoration, interior decorative lighting, etc.;

5. Festival decoration, event venue scenery, exhibition venue decoration, exhibition hall lighting decoration;

6. Decoration in hotels, KTV and other entertainment venues;

7. Commercial lighting applications, etc.

1. SMD soft light strips cannot be stressed during transportation and use;

2. Do not damage the connecting wires on the circuit board when assembling and connecting;

3. Avoid placing the soft light strip on the ground and dragging it to avoid scratching or damaging the protective layer;

4. When energizing the light strip, please pay attention to the correct voltage requirements.

5. When powering on, the light strips must be connected strictly according to the positive and negative polarities of the light strips to avoid damage to the light strips;

6. When the number of light strips is large, please ensure that the light strips and the power cord are connected in parallel. If the series connection is too long, it will cause an unbalanced voltage drop and make the brightness of the front two ends of the light strip different. It is generally recommended that 5 meters is a series unit. Please ensure that the maximum power of the light strip is within the rated power of the power adapter;

7. When installed on metal or other conductive surfaces, there must be an electrical isolation layer to insulate the mounting surface from the light strip;

8. When installing flexible light strips, please pay attention to ESD protection (electrostatic protection);

9. Since the waterproof glue on the surface of the light bar is corrosive, please ensure that the light bar is in a normal environment. If the waterproof strip is corroded or damaged due to the engineering party's mistakes during the installation process, our company will not be held responsible.

10. Pay attention to the waterproof protective layer on each interface after splicing.

11. When replacing and repairing, be sure to cut off the power supply before repairing to prevent short circuit. After troubleshooting, reinstall the components correctly to ensure that the electrical appliances and structure meet the requirements;

12. If installed outdoors, the lamp body and connections must be completely waterproof, and the lamps must be reinforced at the installation location.

Usage environment: working temperature: -20~+40; storage temperature: -30~+60; working humidity: 30%-85%; storage humidity: 10%-90%; storage environment: indoor, ventilated, and should not be exposed to air There are corrosive gases.

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