Which one is better, cob light strip or LED light strip?

2024/04led strip light source

LED light strips and COB light strips are two common light strip products currently on the market. This article will comprehensively compare LED light strips and COB light strips in terms of light efficiency, power consumption, color temperature, lifespan, applicable scenarios and cost, and help readers understand the characteristics and applicability of the two from an objective and practical perspective.

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In terms of light efficiency, COB light strips usually have high light efficiency and can produce bright and uniform light. The packaging and high-density arrangement of COB chips make the light distribution more uniform and can meet different lighting needs. LED light strips have a single chip technology, so their light efficiency is relatively low and cannot reach the brightness level of COB light strips.

In terms of power consumption, LED light strips usually have lower power consumption at the same brightness. LED chips have the characteristics of high-efficiency conversion, which can save power resources and reduce energy consumption. In contrast, COB light strips require more power supply for the same brightness due to their lower light efficiency, so their power consumption is relatively high.

Color temperature is another factor to consider. LED light strips offer a wide range of color temperature options, from warm white to cool white, and a variety of colors. Users can choose the appropriate color temperature according to the needs of different scenes. COB light strips also have many colors and color temperatures to choose from, so the two are comparable in terms of color temperature, and the COB light strips emit even light. When viewed after direct installation, the COB effect is more advantageous. If placed in the card slot, not much differences.

In terms of lifespan, LED light strips usually have a long service life, which can reach more than 50,000 hours. LED chips have high durability and can work stably for a long time. The life of COB light strips is generally about 30,000 hours.

Applicable scenarios are one of the key considerations when choosing light strips. Due to its high light efficiency, dimmability and diverse color choices, LED light strips are suitable for various indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios, such as home decoration, commercial displays, landscape lighting, etc. The LED light strip has a high density of lamp beads, which can achieve more uniform light distribution. Due to its low light efficiency, COB light strips are generally suitable for scenes that do not require high brightness, such as backlighting, counter lighting, etc.

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Finally, cost is also an important consideration when choosing light strips. The cost of COB light strips is higher than that of LED light strips, but the difference is basically not big.

LED light strips and COB light strips have their own characteristics in terms of light efficiency, power consumption, color temperature, lifespan, applicable scenarios and cost. When selecting light strips, various indicators should be comprehensively considered according to specific needs, and reasonable choices should be made based on actual application scenarios to achieve the best lighting effect.


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