Which is better, 220v or 12v led light strip?

2024/04led strip light source

There is no direct comparison between 220V and 12V LED strip lights, which one is better.

Choosing the voltage of an LED light strip depends on your needs and usage scenarios.

Generally speaking, 12V LED light strips need to be used with an appropriate power supply. They are relatively safer and suitable for use in homes and offices. The length of the light strips is generally controlled within 5 meters.

Low voltage 12v light strip

The 220V LED light strip has a relatively high voltage, does not require the use of a power converter, and can be connected flexibly. It is more suitable for large commercial places, such as hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, outdoor projects and other scenes that require long-distance arrangement of light strips.

220v high voltage light strip

However, it should be noted that the installation requirements of 220V LED light strips are relatively high and must be operated by professionals because there may be dangers such as electric shock during the installation process. In addition, its electricity bill is relatively high, so you need to make a reasonable choice based on actual usage and budget.

Remember to disconnect from power when operating the LED light strip to prevent the risk of electric shock!

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