What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 3030 lamp beads?

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What is the difference between 5050 lamp beads and 3030 lamp beads?
1. Packaging sizes are different.
(1)5050 refers to LED lamp beads with a length and width of 5.0*5.0mm.
(2) 3030 refers to 3.0*3.0mm LED lamp beads.

rgb 5050

2. Different colors.
(1) 3030 lamp beads are only single-color.
(2) 5050 lamp beads can be two-color, one lamp can be used in two colors, and the colors can be mixed well.

3. 3. The power is different.
(1) The power of 3030 lamp beads is 0.2-1W.
(2) The power of 5050 lamp beads is generally 0.2W-0.5W.

A. 5050 lamp beads are a type of LED lamp beads. 5050 is named after the product size. RGB refers to the three primary colors of red, green and blue.

B. The main features of 5050 lamp beads are.

1. Low voltage drive, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
2. Small size and easy to install.
3. High brightness, large scattering angle and good consistency.

C. Specific parameters.
1. Color temperature: 2870-3220K; 3985-4503K; 5665-6530K.
2. Apparent index: 70-75Ra.
3. Luminous efficiency: 105-130lm/w.
4. Luminous flux: 90-100lm; 100-110lm; 110-120lm.

Product main features and advantages
1. High brightness: The brightness of a single LED chip bead can be as high as 1. 1200-1500MCD
2. Low attenuation: The company uses imported high-quality materials, coupled with advanced packaging technology, the product attenuation can be controlled within two thousandths.
3. Good light mixing consistency
4. Long life: The product is packed with high-quality materials and has good heat dissipation. The product life can reach more than 50,000 hours.
5. Highest cost-effectiveness: This product has the highest brightness and the best quality. It is a representative of high-end products, but the price is comparable to mid-range products, making it the most cost-effective product.
6. Use red copper bracket (low-end lamp beads on the market are iron brackets), 40mm silver plating, and 99.99% pure gold wire welding.

Main applications of the product
Stage lights, indoor and outdoor decorative light strips, soft light strips, hard light strips, lighting light strips, etc., have a very wide range of applications. First of all, if there is no sk6812, it is a conventional 5050 lamp bead. In fact, to achieve the effect of a marquee, etc., RGB lamp beads are It is necessary to add an ic controller, but if there is no ic, an external ic controller needs to be attached to the circuit board.

What are the benefits of building the IC controller into the lamp bead?
1. Each lamp bead has a built-in sk6812 controller to achieve pixel-level control
2. The sk6812 is packaged inside the lamp bead to prevent the IC controller from being damaged by moisture.
3. The built-in sk6812 can prevent the IC pins and circuit board from falling off when the light bar is bent or twisted.
4. The IC controller is built into the lamp bead to make the finished circuit board simpler and more concise, thereby reducing the failure rate and improving reliability.
5. The volume of the finished product is reduced, making the sk6812 lamp beads more widely used.
6. Improved electrical performance and strong anti-interference characteristics.

LED patch 5050 indicates the package size. What is the unit?
5050led package size: 5mm*5mm*1.6mm.
The light intensity can reach 5500-6000MCD (pure white light, slightly smaller warm light).
Its working voltage is the same as ordinary LEDs, only 3.2-3.4V, and the current is also 60MA.
Since the 5050 SMD LED is relatively small and has fine workmanship, manual welding is not very convenient, but it does not mean that it cannot be welded. The welding temperature should be controlled within 250 degrees, otherwise the more expensive 5050 SMD LED will be burned.

Since the parameters of 5050 SMD LED determine that it must be a kind of LED that people like, it is often used in high-end civilian energy-saving lamps, car dashboards, LED light strips, mobile phone backlights and keyboards, instrument backlights and products that require small size. LED products, LED backlights, flat backlights for switches and signs, caller ID, flash, automotive, audio, indoor displays, lighting fixtures markets. Indicates that the appearance size is 0.5mm*0.5mm

The actual size is 5.3mm*5.0mm5050 means the size is 5.0mm*5.0mm

3528 refers to the size of 3.5mm*2.8mm.

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