What is the power consumption of LED light strips?

2024/04led strip light source

Lamp is a very important lighting and decoration tool. It can create a happy, romantic and other atmosphere. Lamp strip is a very common way of lighting, which can be often seen in public places and at home.
A light bar is actually a series of small light bulbs produced and processed into a light bar. Friends who want to decorate and design light bars at home will want to ask about the power consumption of the light bar.

Today I will explain it to you and take a look at the products that are highly recommended by light strip manufacturers.
Do light strips consume a lot of power? Before we understand the power consumption rate of light strips, let’s first take a look at the types of light strips. There are currently two types of popular light strips. One is using small fluorescent bulbs connected in series. It is not very common on the market and the price is very cost-effective. It only costs a few yuan per meter, but it consumes a lot of power and has a short service life. As a result, customer experience and likeability was low.
The other is LED light strips. LED light strips are popular light strips on the market today. They are beautiful, decorative and artistic, convenient and durable, and have been favored by many consumers.

On the Internet, some people say that LED light strips consume a lot of power, so many people buy LED light strips, use them once or twice and then leave them idle. This is also the case in some homes. Worried about power consumption, decorative light strips are sometimes turned on. , it has become a "big vase" and a waste of natural resources. So do LED light strips consume power? Let the data speak for itself!

To determine whether a light strip consumes electricity, you should look at its output power. As we all know, there are many types of output power of light bulbs, such as 50W, 100W, 200W, etc., and the same goes for light strips.

The output powers of LED light strips commonly used by people are 1.5W, 4.8W and 7.2W per meter. The power consumption of 7.2W is considered to exceed daily application, so we measured the power consumption of a 7.2W headlight strip per meter. Assuming we use the lamp for 6 hours a day, the daily power consumption. 7.2W*6h=43.2Wh. Monthly power consumption. 43.2Wh*30=1296Wh, that is, 1.296 kilowatt hours of electricity, so the electricity consumption per year is 1296Wh*12=15552Wh, that is, 15.552 kilowatt hours of electricity.


Take fluorescent lamps, for example, which are one of the most common lighting tools. Assume that a 100W fluorescent lamp is lit for 6 hours a day, and the power consumption for 6 hours is 100Wh*6=600Wh, which is 0.6 kilowatt hours. Even the power of fluorescent lamps is higher than that of light strips, so the power usage data of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. will not be discussed here.

Now to summarize.
  1. LED light strips do not consume electricity. They are made of environmentally friendly and energy-saving light sources called LEDs, also called light-emitting diodes.
  2. 2. LED light strips are the current type of green lighting equipment and consume about 80% less energy than fluorescent lamps with the same effect. In comparison, LED energy-saving lamps consume about 40% less energy. It can change the bright colors infinitely, the light is adjustable, the color changes can be controlled, and the pure color and RGB effects can be selected, bringing colorful visual impact to the environment.
  3. LED uses low-voltage switching power supply, and the power system current is between DC3-24V. Depending on the product, there are also very few DC36V, DC40V, etc., so it is a safer and more reliable switching power supply than using DC high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public use. Use on occasion.


Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the energy consumption of LED light strips. Buy with confidence.

Moreover, the life of LED light strips is very long, generally more than 30,000 hours. Good quality light strips can even be used for 15 years. Of course, we must give priority to better quality ones to avoid the trouble of repairing poor quality LED light strip products.

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