360° neon light belt full range of professional installation diagrams

2024/04led strip light source

360° neon light strip, made of silicone material, highly transparent soft rubber, round light strip, 360° light emission evenly, no shadows, compared with traditional neon lights, has stronger flexibility, round appearance, simple fashion, flexible The beauty of soft lines.

Silicone solid extrusion molding process, with IP65 outdoor waterproof rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with excellent properties such as salt liquid resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, flame retardant resistance, and UV resistance.

After introducing such an excellent light strip, let’s take a look at how to install a 360-degree luminous silicone neon light strip~

Outlets and connectors - 360° neon strip, directly above the picture, clearly visible at a glance

Horizontal hoisting - 360° neon light strip, formal horizontal hoisting, regular installation method, very simple installation space requirements, suitable for abundant installation space

Waveform hoisting - 360° neon light strip, wave-shaped hoisting, as shown in the picture is just one of the waveform styles. Waveform hoisting can be more casual ~ use this as the base board, use your imagination

Surface installation - 360° neon light strip, surface installation is very simple, not much to say, please see the picture

U-shaped hoisting - 360° neon light strip, as the name suggests in the picture ~ a proper U-shape, the flexibility of the silicone neon light strip is excellent, and the U-shaped bending arc is stress-free

Vertical hanging A-360° neon light strip

Vertical hanging B-360° neon light strip

That’s it for the installation method. Let’s add some precautions.

Non-professionals are prohibited from installing, disassembling and repairing the product, out of consideration for the safety of the parties involved and to avoid adverse consequences such as damage to the light strips.
It is strictly prohibited to use any acidic or alkaline adhesive to fix products (including but not limited to glass glue, etc.)
Products with different IP waterproof levels have different usage scenarios. IP65 is not suitable for submerged environments.

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