The soul of art in the exhibition hall—LED strip lights

2024/04led strip light source

In modern home lighting design solutions, the lighting design method without main light has gradually become popular. The most commonly used in lighting design solutions without main light are LED spotlights and LED strip lights. Especially LED strip lights can be seen everywhere in the home. In the living room it is a warm TV cabinet light, in the kitchen it is a powerful cabinet light, and in the bedroom it is a thoughtful wardrobe light.

But if LED strip lights add a refreshing feel to the home, then DeKingLED believes that it is the soul of art in the exhibition hall.

The modern exhibition hall is particularly simple, especially in the corridor, without any decoration. There are only a few LED strip lights, which are not only the only embellishments of the entire art corridor, but also the only lighting tools in it. Local lighting, polishing, and wall washing are their special features. Duty.

In the corridor, the deformable and foldable static design of the LED strip lights makes the entire space dynamic and full of artistic vitality and atmosphere.

Not only that, these LED strip lights also divide the space of the corridor, creating a similar composition of beauty. This sense of space art is quite avant-garde and intoxicating.

In the showroom of the exhibition hall, the strip lights are not only distributed on the ceiling and walls, but also suspended in mid-air and arranged in the footing lines. In addition to the illumination, it also highlights the beauty of the exhibits, reveals their artistic soul, and surprises people.

LED lights are embellished with wall washing, polishing, and local accent lighting, just like the designer's magic pen, filling the entire interior with their own artistic style. I believe you will have to admire its magic.

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