Where should LED strip lights be used for decorative lighting in home decoration?

2024/04led strip light source

The application of LED strip lights is very common, and the effect is also very charming. So, where are LED strip lights suitable for installation in the home? LED strip lights have the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Entrance:

•The entrance area is the first area to enter the room. The most common application of LED strip lights is above the shoe changing area of the entrance cabinet. Such an LED strip light not only provides convenience for changing shoes, but also becomes a visual reminder after opening the door. transfer of warmth.
•The other two applications of LED strip lights in entrance cabinets are the storage table area and the shoe storage area.
•LED strip lights are also very commonly used under the partitions in entrance cabinets. However, due to the high cost, many people focus on choosing a few grids or not installing them at all. Of course, this is a must-have item for the rich, and it can make After opening the cupboard door, people quickly find the clothes they are looking for.

2 Living room:

•The most widely used application in the living room is the application of the TV background wall. Install an LED strip light above the ceiling, and the entire TV background wall will naturally become the center of the living room.
•LED strip lights are often used on suspended ceilings and sofa background walls. Especially in high-quality decoration projects, light pools made of LED strip lights are very common.
•The shapes of LED strip lights are ever-changing. For example, in the design case above, the LED strip lights not only replace the main light, but also make the entire ceiling look simpler.
•It is becoming more and more common to use LED strip lights on the sofa background wall or the background wall of other areas. Like the case above, a warm LED strip light is installed in the middle of the wall to connect various indoor spaces and appear Very charming.
•Another common application is in the area under the shelves of TV cabinets. Installing an LED strip light under each shelf is not only practical, but also makes the TV cabinet area the visual center of the living room.

3 kitchen

•The most common application in the kitchen is under the wall cabinet, right? Among the owners we served last year, at least 80% of them chose this approach to provide sufficient light for the operating desk.

4 restaurants

•The most common application in restaurants is to install LED strip lights under the shelves of sideboards to achieve both practical and decorative purposes.
5 bedrooms

•It is also very common to use LED strip lights in bedrooms, especially under the shelves inside the wardrobe.

•Hidden such an LED strip light on the ceiling of the bedside background wall in the bedroom can easily achieve the purpose of "seeing the light but not seeing the light", thus meeting the requirements of the sleeping environment.

•You can also put half a circle of LED strip lights like this around the bedside, and a warm feeling will arise spontaneously.

•You can also use LED strip lights on the bedside wall area and partial areas of the bedroom, and the effect achieved is also very good.

•There are also more innovative cases, such as the children's room design case above, which uses LED strip lights of different lengths on the ceiling and walls to achieve stunning creative effects.

•In addition, LED strip lights can also play a role in functional lighting. For example, installing one or two such strip lights above the workbench can avoid the trouble of placing desk lamps on the table, and at the same time make the workbench look more elegant. For tidiness and spaciousness.
6 Corridor

Who can live without a corridor? If you don’t want to install chandeliers on the ceiling of the corridor to reduce the sense of depression caused by insufficient floor height, LED strip lights must be the best choice.

  Installing the LED strip light on the baseboard position of the ground not only looks very beautiful and charming, but also plays a role in guiding the route, especially if there are elderly people or people with poor vision at home. Such an LED installed on the baseboard position strip lights are even more ideal.

Of course, you can also install LED strip lights on both the top and the ground to achieve the effect of shaping the visual center.

7 bathroom

LED strip lights are increasingly used in bathrooms, especially in the ceiling area of washbasins and under mirror cabinets.

Applying a circle of LED strip lights around the mirror cabinet can make washing more convenient.

Many mirror cabinet manufacturers even ship products with built-in strip lights, and also integrate Bluetooth, music, defogging and other functions, "forcibly" promoting LED strip lights to bathrooms.

If you have enough budget, you can even install LED strip lights around the ceiling, around the mirror cabinet, under the bathroom cabinet shelves, or even under the bathtub, like the case above, and the effect will be even more shocking.

If you strive for excellence, you can also install an LED strip light on the top of the bathroom niche to create an elegant bathing atmosphere.
8 other locations

•LED strip lights are increasingly used indoors. In addition to the eight locations I mentioned above, there are of course other locations that can be applied. For example, the above case not only applies LED strip lights to the wall and top surfaces, but also And it is also applied to the ground, which looks even more charming.

•Some designers even apply LED strip lights to the corners of the wall. Not only is it beautiful, but you no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting the corner when walking, right?

•It is also common to use LED strip lights under the steps of stairs and under the handrails. They not only serve as route guides, but also make the stairs a beautiful scenery in the home.

•In addition, there are some applications of special details. For example, in the case above, an LED strip light is also installed on the pillar at the bar. Together with the linear chandelier, it forms an L-shaped lighting fixture, creating a very artistic atmosphere.

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