How to solve the problem of voltage drop in LED strip lights

2024/05led strip light source

How do we solve the problem of voltage drop in LED strip lights?
The voltage drop of LED strip lights generally refers to low-voltage strip lights. Generally, if the 12v strip light exceeds 5 meters, there will be a voltage drop problem. Generally, 12V is used in a 5050 60 strip light. The voltage is about 11V when it is 5 meters long. At this time, there is already a voltage difference of 1V from the beginning, but it basically has no effect on the brightness and light efficiency of the light, but it is longer. There is a bit of a cliff-like drop. For example, at 7 meters, it may only have 8V. Then the brightness difference between the beginning and the end is very large when viewed with the naked eye (the difference in white light is the largest, and the difference in colored light such as red, yellow, green, and blue is smaller). This brightness difference phenomenon is The commonly mentioned voltage drop phenomenon occurs when the high-voltage 220V strip light is about 50 meters away.

The lower the voltage, the higher the current. However, the PCB board of the lamp strip is strip-shaped. The voltage and current will gradually decrease as the power is applied. This is because the current is too large and the PCB current resistance is too high. There is no voltage drop problem with 220V high-voltage strip lights, because the higher the voltage, the lower the current, and the smaller the voltage drop. Careful friends will find that the length of a circle of 12V or 24V strip lights is 5M.

   If the strip light is too long and the terminal voltage is low, it is necessary to lay another wire next to the strip light to send the electricity directly to the middle of the strip light and provide separate power supply to the second half. Or place the power supply in the middle of the total length of the strip light and supply power to both ends. If it was originally 20 meters, it becomes 10 meters on the left and right. The pressure drop will naturally be much smaller. Specific adjustments can be made according to on-site conditions.

   Voltage drop literally means that the voltage decreases, and then the brightness of the strip light decreases due to the decrease in voltage. If a plug is too long with a strip light, the voltage at the end will be reduced and the brightness will be reduced. Overall, the strip light closer to the plug is brighter, and the strip light further away is dimmer.


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