The reason why the LED strip light does not light up

2024/06led strip light source

LED line lights are widely used in various fields. If you pay a little attention, you will find that there are line lights around you, which also reflects the wide application of LED strip lights. Many customers are not very familiar with the use of the product, which will cause some problems, especially the problem of the luminous top corner line strip light not lighting up. Today, let's talk about why the strip light is not lighting up?

Three major reasons why LED strips don't light up:

1. Unqualified solder quality

Before leaving the factory, some manufacturers' LED strips are unqualified. The amount of solder in the strip is small, and the solder joints are easy to fall off. If the quality of the solder is not good, the solder joints of the LED strips are prone to brittle cracks and fall off during the bending process.

2. Transportation damage

The packaging of the LED strips is not well protected, and the lamp beads may be damaged by impact during transportation. There is a phenomenon of cold soldering at the welding points of the strips, and the vibration during transportation causes the solder joints to fall off, resulting in the strips not lighting up.

3. Installation damage

1. The bending angle of the strip light is too large during installation, causing the LED strip light solder joints to separate from the copper foil and cause it to not light up.

2. Excessive squeezing of the product during installation of the strip light causes damage to the LED strip light chip or deformation and detachment of the solder joints.

Note: The strip light cannot be twisted excessively during installation. If the strip light is squeezed too violently, the solder joints of the LED strip light will fall off or the board will break, causing it to not light up.

There are generally two situations in which the strip light does not light up;

One is that the entire strip light does not light up, and the other is that only one section does not light up. The former may be caused by a power outage caused by the plug falling off, or the connector socket is broken. Check whether the plug is firmly inserted or broken.

The other problem is more common, and there may be many problems:

1. Resistor desoldering

2. Broken board of strip light

The first two are generally caused by excessive twisting and pulling of the strip light during installation, so don't install the strip light too violently.

3. Burned resistors and burned chips

Overheating caused by long-term lighting of the LED strip light. Another possibility is that the LED light is burned out due to voltage reasons. The resistor is broken down due to excessive current or voltage, and the resistor is seriously damaged, so the whole meter of the light is not lit. These are very obvious. Generally, there will be signs of burnout. You can check it carefully.

There are some external factors that cause the LED strip light to not light up. It is important to cooperate with good manufacturers of luminous top corner lines to avoid buying poor quality LED strip lights as much as possible. Before buying it and installing it, you should test the electricity on the ground to see if the strip light is damaged. If it does not light up, you can communicate with the manufacturer. If it is good, stick the strip light on.

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