Why does the 220V light strip have no voltage drop?

2024/04led strip light source

High voltage light strip

The reason why 220V light strips have no voltage drop is mainly because they adopt different design principles and working methods, which are very different from common low-voltage LED light strips.

Common low-voltage LED light strips usually operate on DC power, usually 12V or 24V. In this case, a power supply and current regulator are required to maintain constant current and brightness due to the voltage drop caused by resistance when current flows through long distances of wire. This voltage drop is common in low-voltage LED strips.

In contrast, 220V strip lights operate on high-voltage AC power and are usually connected directly to the household power supply, so they are not affected by voltage drops. This is because with a 220V supply, current can be transferred more easily and the voltage drop caused by the resistor is relatively small. Additionally, 220V light strips are typically designed as constant-power units, meaning they automatically adjust power to maintain stable brightness based on changes in supply voltage, without the need for a power adapter or current regulator.

Therefore, the reason why 220V light strips have no voltage drop is because they operate under high-voltage AC power, the current transmission is more stable and not easily affected by resistance, and they are usually designed for constant power and can automatically adjust the brightness to adapt to voltage changes. This makes them a convenient lighting solution that requires no additional equipment.

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