How many watts per meter of 24v low voltage light strip

2024/04led strip light source

The power of 4V low-voltage light strips is generally determined by factors such as the number of lamp beads, power and brightness level. Generally speaking, the power of a one-meter-long 24V low-voltage light strip is about 4.8 watts, which is a relatively common power option. However, the wattage of 24V low voltage light strips may vary between different models, brands and brightness levels, and higher or lower power options may be available.

The power calculation formula of 24V low-voltage light strip is: power (watt) = voltage (volt) × current (ampere).

For a 4.8 watt 24V low voltage light strip, the current is 0.2 amps, which is based on the power formula above. However, it should be noted that in actual use, the power of the light strip may change due to factors such as line impedance and supply voltage fluctuations. Therefore, when selecting a low-voltage light strip, the power and brightness level of the light strip need to be considered based on the actual situation. , to ensure the desired lighting effect is achieved.

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