Ten advantages of LED flexible neon lights

2024/04led strip light source

LED flexible neon tubes are a very popular LED breakthrough product in recent years. They make up for the shortcomings of glass neon tubes and optical fibers and completely replace them. LED flexible neon light is a professional linear lighting decoration product. Although it looks no different from ordinary neon lights, it can be bent at will, is shatterproof and waterproof, and can be used inside and outside the home.

Compared with glass neon tubes, flexible neon tubes have the following advantages.

1. Traditional neon lights require large investments and complex processes, and have many inconveniences when using off-duty tubes, high-voltage electricity and inert gases. The flexible neon light adopts new structure and LED technology, and consists of a special PVC shell wrapping the bright LED bulb. It adopts unique optical technology and special shell design, which not only increases the intensity and uniformity of the light, but also delivers craftsmanship , improve production efficiency.

2. High brightness. The light source is made of imported ultra-high brightness LEDs connected in series. The dense arrangement of 80LED/m or 90LED/m is the fundamental guarantee for the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

3. Long life and durability.
Based on LED technology and using a new structure, the lamp can achieve a long life of 100,000 hours under any circumstances. Compared with glass neon lights, its durability is not questioned because there is no need to consider the problem of glass neon lights breaking ( PVC plastic lamp body)

4. Save energy.
Soft light strips can save more than 70% of energy consumption costs.
Glass neon light 26.25W/M flexible full-body light strip, 4.7W/M (R, Y, O) 6.6W/M (G, B, W).

5. Traditional neon lights use a transformer to increase the voltage from 220V to 15,000V, exciting the inert gas in the glass tube, and emitting monochromatic light along the outline of the font pattern. Two sets of glass tubes are required for two colors. If the font is too large, the strokes in the middle will not be bright; if the font is too small, the processing will be complicated. Flexible neon lights only require an operating voltage of 24V and only emit low heat. During installation, it can also be cut to any length and bent into different shapes (it can be bent into a circle with a radius of only 4 cm). Using special tracks, it can be easily installed with different material surfaces, such as wood, plastic, steel or walls. , and can be designed and decorated into different patterns according to the needs of the designer.


6. Safety.
Unlike glass neon lights that require a high voltage of 15,000V to work properly, flexible full-body light strips can also work normally at a low voltage of 24V. In addition, they are shockproof and have low heat dissipation, making them very safe to use.

7. Movement delivery and installation.
Due to its similar properties to ordinary rainbow tubes, its transportation is as safe and convenient as LED rainbow tubes. It has a special slot. When installing, you only need to nail the slot first and then clamp it up. It is as convenient as ordinary wire installation. Safety.

8. Safe low voltage and low power consumption. Since its light source is LED, it can work normally even at 24V. Its power consumption is 4.7W/M (R, Y, O), 6.6W (G, B, W).

9. Traditional neon lights can only work at room temperature. The voltage must be increased during use, the price is relatively high, the service life is short, and maintenance is inconvenient. The LEDs at each point of the flexible neon light are cold light sources and only emit low heat. LEDs with the same brightness are only equivalent to one-seventh of the power consumption of traditional light bulbs. The power consumption of traditional neon lights is 28.7W/m, while flexible neon lights are only 4.7W/m or 6.6W/m. In addition, LEDs have a longer life than traditional light bulbs, and LED flexible neon lights are shockproof and heat-resistant.


10. Flexibility.
Flexible full-body strip, it can be bent to a minimum diameter of 8CM and can be cut with any scissors, so it can be bent into various texts and graphics


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