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During decoration, you will usually see the LED light strip in the decoration list, but most owners don't know what it is. In fact, this is normal. First, there is not much contact, and second, because the light strip is hidden, We only see its light, but not its shadow. In fact, this is the highest state of using lamps - "seeing the light but not seeing the lamp".

1. About LED light strips

As shown in the picture above, this is the true face of the LED light strip. It is just like a tape. In addition, it uses LED. As the name suggests, it is called an LED light strip. It can be lit when connected to the power supply. It is fixed with a fixing card or adhesive tape. Use It's not difficult to get up.

LED light strips were born with the development of LED technology in recent years. In the absence of LED light strips, T4 and T5 lamp tubes are used for backlighting, but the minimum size of T4 and T5 lamp tubes is 0.3 meters, which means If there is less than 0. 3 meters will leave a dark area, but LED light strips emit even light and can be cut according to the actual length, which is very convenient, plus red, green, yellow, white, warm white blue, yellow, white, warm white, etc. There are a variety of light colors to choose from, and there are even seven color changes. Nowadays, there are basically very few T4 and T5 tubes, and LED light strips are used instead.

2. Color of LED light strip

The color of the LED light strip is actually the color of the LED light. As mentioned above, LED light strips have single-color light such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, etc., and also have seven-color changes. Generally, warm white light is used in homes because it can create a very warm atmosphere.

3. Commonly used types

3528 light strip and 5050 light strip

The currently commonly used types of LED light strips are 3528 and 5050 light strips (3528 refers to the size of the LED light source, which is 32 mm long and 28 mm wide, and 5050 refers to the length and width of the LED light source, which are both 50 mm). The difference is on the one hand the size, and on the other hand there are 3 LED chips in the 5050 lamp beads, while the 3528 only has 1 LED chip. The sizes are different. On the other hand, the 5050 lamp beads have 3 LED chips inside, while the 3528 only has 1 LED chip. So with the same number of lamp beads, the 5050 LED light strip is 3 times brighter than the 3528 LED light strip. The power is also 3 times more expensive than its price.

Regarding power consumption and electricity bills, many users are very concerned about this issue. The rated power of 3528 lamp beads is 0.06W (0.02A*3V=0.06W), while the rated power of 5050 is 0.18W (0.02A*3V*3=0.18W). Because a protection resistor is added to the circuit, it is calculated , calculated based on 60 lights/meter, the power consumption of one meter of 3528 light strip is about 4W, and the power consumption of one meter of 5050 light strip is about 12W. If it is installed dozens of meters, the power consumption gap is still very large.

4. Structural composition and installation matters

The structure of LED light strips includes lamp beads, circuit boards, wires, plastic wrap, resistors and related accessories.

LED light strips generally come in a roll of 100 meters. When purchasing, you need to tell the seller how much you need according to the length you need. They will usually cut it for you. You need to use several sections at home. Each section has a connector and can be plugged directly into the socket. If you want to cut it yourself, it should be noted that the strips are usually marked with special scissor openings, which can be used after cutting on the scissor openings.

Remember: you must cut according to the instructions, otherwise it will not shine! ".

The light strip is an accessory. The accessories generally include a plug (for power supply), a pin (for connection), a fixing card (a plastic card that fixes the light strip) and a tail plug (a plastic sleeve that protects the tail of the light strip). These accessories are generally made of Merchant delivery, but you need to negotiate with the merchant first, don't miss it.

5. Actual installation

Cut the light trough at home according to the actual length, assemble it, and test it. Then you can install it and fix it with a light strip clip. Finally, turn on the power and the light strip will light up. If you don’t want to install it yourself, you can buy it and have it installed by a decoration company. It’s a piece of cake!

6. About quality and safety

LED light strips are generally low-voltage 12V or 24V, so they can only be wrapped with thick flame-retardant glue. Wires, circuit boards, etc. are generally made of copper. The quality of the LED lamp beads determines the life of the light strip. For the sake of electrical safety, Be sure not to choose inferior quality just because the price is cheap, as this may lead to safety hazards!

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