Color classification of LED light strips

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LED lights come in many colors and specifications. Therefore, there are many ways of classification. Some are based on voltage, some are based on model, and some are based on color. Today we will take a look at the classification of LED light strips based on color.

1. Single color LED light strip
The so-called monochrome light strip refers to an LED light strip that only has one color that is always on.

2. Two-color LED light strip
The dual-color light strip has 2 built-in lamp beads, so it can emit two colors of light.

3. RGB light strip
RGB light strip means that each LED lamp bead is composed of three chips (R) red, (G) green, and (B) blue. They can respectively emit three monochromatic lights such as red, green, and blue. These can be mixed by Basic colors to create a variety of colors, providing rich color choices

4. Fantasy light strip
The magic light strip refers to adding a control IC on the basis of the RGB light strip, so that each lamp bead can be controlled independently to achieve various effects, such as horse racing, flowing water gradient, etc. The magic light strip has color and mode changes.


The above are the common LED light strips classified by color. There are also 4-color light strips and 6-color light strips. These are additional lamp beads added to the corresponding basis. After reading this, have you understood the color classification of the light strips?


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