LED light strip wiring method

2024/04led strip light source

The first step is to determine whether the installed light strip uses high-voltage electricity or low-voltage electricity (taking into account the safety of electricity, it is best to use low-voltage electric start-up light strips), choose

After installing a low-voltage light strip, you need to first observe that there are two dots for every three lamp beads on the light strip, and then solder the wire to the dots. But some children's shoes take into account

For brightness and illumination, high-voltage light strips will be used. If it is high-voltage, use pins to plug it in and connect it to the household power supply of 220 volts.

1. Light strip wiring method: (terminal wiring method)

First, all the lamp beads are mixed and connected in series with a number of resistors. This is a lamp strip that requires 12 watts of DC power supply. Directly connect the 12 watts of DC power supply (regulated or unregulated voltage)

Either way) Connect the two output wires to the positive and negative terminals of the light strip and then plug the power plug into the household AC power socket. You can also use a 12-watt battery pack.

Directly drive this kind of light strip.

2. Light strip wiring method: (driver connection method)

First of all, a lamp strip with all lamp beads connected in series needs to be equipped with a capacitor-ballasted constant current driver (there is also a better switch-type constant current driver suitable for driving low-voltage lamp strips). Insert the two pins of the driver plug into the cores of the two leads of the light strip according to the correct polarity, and then plug the driver power plug into the home.

Just plug it into a two hundred and twenty volt AC outlet.

Light strip installation environment

When the light strip is used outdoors, it will be corroded by rain and ultraviolet rays. If it is fixed with glue, the adhesiveness will decrease over time and the light strip will be damaged.

The strips fall off, so outdoor flexible light strips are often installed using card slots. Where cutting and connection are required, the method is the same as indoor installation, except that another

Equipped with waterproof glue on the outside to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection points.



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