What should be prepared before the construction of LED linear lights for lighting projects?

2024/05led strip light source

Lighting projects are basically night lighting projects for gymnasiums, landscapes, outdoor activity rooms, etc. The lighting objects are basically buildings, squares, roads, bridges, etc. We also shared with you the construction steps of the lighting project and the precautions for later maintenance. Today, the LED strip light factory will share with you what preparations should be made before lighting project construction?

⑴Design drawing description

   Various difficult-to-understand points on the design drawings, or things that the construction workers do not understand, must be clarified. More communication will make the lighting project more perfect.

⑵ On-site investigation

   To ensure the storage location of incoming materials and the temporary structure of electrical equipment, it is necessary to understand the situation of other adjacent construction departments to avoid causing other unpleasantness during the construction process, so as to understand and communicate in a timely manner to ensure the smooth construction of the lighting work. Moreover, during project acceptance, if there are any deviations from the construction drawings, they should be changed as soon as possible. In addition, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the transportation and data equipment suppliers surrounding the project to prevent the occurrence of sufficient equipment and data to solve emergencies.

⑶Material classification

   List and classify the names, models, specifications, and units of the lighting equipment required for the lighting project one by one, and explain the purpose, and the required information must meet the optometry standards. If the construction period is easy, the information can be provided in one step, so as to Save time and effort. What should be prepared before lighting project construction? Implement the ground-breaking speed plan for the lighting project. The speed table is scientifically and effectively adjusted based on the period of the lighting project, the workload of the lighting project, and the time to complete the project, so as to achieve the proper allocation of labor and resources and achieve the ground-breaking task on time. For optometry handover, the speed plan should also be formulated with reference to the groundbreaking assembly line and the possible intersection areas of work during the groundbreaking.

⑷Delivery time, placement, etc. of lighting project materials

   Confirm the unit of the data, the delivery time, and have a clue to the stacking of the data to avoid storing data indiscriminately, so as not to reflect the integrity of the data, and do not repeatedly shake the stack to cause damage or missed work. For the particularity of bright facilities, it is necessary to choose a relatively high and dry center to protect the facility from rain, snow, etc., and the data needs to be used according to usage. In addition, keep away from explosive and flammable items and be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. The prepared materials can be placed directly on the work surface, and the machine and materials should be left on the shelves to prevent damage to the lighting facilities.

⑸Division of staff responsibilities

   Choose a person with skills, responsibility, and experience to be the person in charge of this type of work. The person in charge of each type of work must bear the responsibilities of each age sequence. Simplifying the management sequence of the lighting project construction site is a good way to prevent managers from doing nothing. The performance of management can be extracted to better coordinate the monitoring and suppression measures of the entire lighting industry.

⑹Clear division of labor

   The lighting design intention of the lighting project, the standards for groundbreaking operations, and the understanding of the tasks in each range are provided to the operators from top to bottom according to the level of groundbreaking. Produce written seminal materials, presentations, etc.

   After completing the above 6 preparatory work before the lighting project, some obstacles during the lighting project construction process can be easily solved, and some problems that may occur during construction and later stages can also be avoided. So preparation is very important.

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