What is the difference between LED full-color strip lights and LED strip lights?

2024/05led strip light source

What is the difference between LED full-color strip lights and LED strip lights?

LED full-color strip light: LED full-color strip light is also called LED full-color strip light. The shape of this product is like a belt, and the main component of the product is LED.

LED full-color strip light: The so-called LED full-color strip light refers to assembling LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC flexible circuit board or PCB hard board. It is named because the product is shaped like a strip.

Both the colorful horse racing strip lights and the full-color strip lights have the characteristics of easy installation, energy saving, long life, and multiple display functions. The LED flexible strip lights have high brightness and good consistency. Both LED full-color strip lights and colorful horse racing strip lights can control single-light horse racing, running water, window opening, meteor rear-end, chasing and other trick changes. Any color can be displayed and can be combined into any trick, especially when used as a light bar screen.

   LED full-color strip lights and colorful marquee strip light sources are rich in color, high visibility, and visually attractive. It is widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, entertainment venues, wine cabinets and bar backlights, ceiling backlights, LED light box light sources, LED luminous signs, aquarium supplies, car decoration, etc. It is a new alternative to traditional neon lights, fluorescent lights and tubes. A new generation of lighting sources.

   LED full-color strip lights are becoming more and more popular among consumers due to their energy-saving, many functions, dazzling changing effects, high brightness, affordable price, wide range of applicable environments, and most importantly, simple installation. In the entire industry, everyone has different naming or names for full-color strip lights. The most professional name in the industry is that LED full-color strip lights are also called LED magic strip lights. Compared with ordinary strip lights in the market, this product mainly has an extra driver IC on the FPC board. At the same time, there are certain standards for copper during the production process of the board. If copper is used improperly during the production process , will seriously lead to product instability, so the board requirements for LED magic strip lights 12V 30 lights are usually double-sided 2A copper or above. 144 lamps generally require 2.5A copper or more.

   LED full-color strip lights and LED full-color strip lights are generally interchangeable and both refer to flexible strip lights; however, magic strip lights specifically refer to flexible strip lights, that is, strip lights that use FPC as circuit boards. There are two types of strip lights: soft strip lights and hard strip lights. One uses FPC as a circuit board, and the other uses a hard board as a circuit board. The general voltage standard used is DC 12V voltage, and 24V voltage is also used. There are also specially customized ones, available with 6V and 9V. The common standard for strip lights on the market is to use 12V voltage.

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