How to use LED strip lights to create different atmospheres in different venues

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Nowadays, many companies and enterprises are following the path of modernist interior style, with naked and simple decoration everywhere. LED strip lights are embedded in the bare ceiling and hidden in the gaps of the shelves, emitting cold light and creating a professional and efficient image for the company.

   No matter in life or in many occasions at work, different light elements are often added to express beauty and highlight the theme. Led strip lights have always been loved by people. It looks like a small strip light, but the effect it brings is huge. It’s not simple, sometimes it even plays a finishing touch and can add to the design of various indoor environments.

   The company's workplaces and conference rooms are all equipped with strip lights that produce white light sources, which can not only make people feel the strictness that a work place should have, but also feel so harmonious and relaxed.

The corridor is mainly white, with warm wood as the auxiliary color, which is simple and unified. To match the color, strips of lights are hidden up and down the walls and cast a white light. These strip lights not only provide lighting, but also have a wall-washing effect, adding a modern feel to the corridor.

   Atmosphere Color Restaurant/Bar

   strip lights are often used in restaurants and play an important decorative role. In the following restaurants and bars, LED strip light lighting creates a special style.

   In the bar next to the lobby, several LED strip lights are set on the floor to serve as partial lighting, adding a mysterious and romantic atmosphere and making you feel extra comfortable. In the dining bar, diode lights give people a colder feeling. Then, in hotel rooms, LED can create a sense of warmth.

   This room uses incandescent lighting, coupled with the interior planning effect, showing an orange-tinged main tone. LED strip lights are placed between the ceiling steps. The white light creates a sense of layering and three-dimensionality between the downgraded ceilings. This is the polishing effect. The two strip lights on the wall are placed on both sides of the decorative painting. They are quite symmetrical, solemn and generous.

strip lights create a gentle beauty in hotel rooms; and in cafes, they show a fashionable personality.

   The ceiling and walls are covered with brown-orange hard furnishings. Striped hard furnishings bring a sense of youthful vitality to the interior and add to the trendy theme of the cafe. And between these hard furnishings, there are several LED strip lights sandwiched. The partial lighting gives people warmth and looks so simple.

   The simple ceiling is not only covered with hard furnishings, but also has several LED strip lights suspended. Their cold light sources harmonize the indoor colors, which are mainly brown and orange, supplemented by white, making them elegant and beautiful.

strip lights can not only be designed in public areas of studios and restaurants, but can also be installed in private apartments to create an eye-catching effect.

   A decorative painting is attached to the wall, placed exactly at the "golden section", and echoes the intersection of the strip lights, injecting a literary and artistic atmosphere into the interior.

   There are also LED strip lights hidden between the steps of the duplex apartment staircase. The light of the diode makes the class appear three-dimensional and layered, and has a polishing effect. The wall-washing effect brought by its white light also makes the wall next to the steps exude a sense of modern home design, concise and grand.

   In the showroom of the exhibition hall, the strip lights are not only distributed on the ceiling and walls, but also suspended in mid-air and arranged in the footing lines. In addition to the illumination, it also highlights the beauty of the exhibits, shows their artistic soul, and surprises people.

   LED lamp strips are decorated with wall washing, polishing, and local key lighting. They are like a designer's pen full of magic, making the entire interior full of their own artistic style. I believe you have to admire its magic.

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