Types of LED Light Strips: Part 1

2024/04led strip light source

According to the type of SMD lamp beads:

LED light strips generally consist of a substrate (flexible or hard bottom), lamp beads, and other accessories. The core part is LED lamp beads, generally SMD patch lamp beads are the main ones. Then, we can divide it into:

SMD5050 light strip

5050 is the earliest lamp bead packaging form that appeared. The initial power was very low, usually 0.1-0.2W. However, with the development of technology, there are already 1W-3W SMD5050 light strips.

Moreover, because the 5050 lamp bead is large in size and has many variations, it can be made into RGB or RGWB. Shenzhen encapsulates the control IC into the lamp bead.

Generally, there are 6 pads. If control is added, the number of pads may be as high as 8.

SMD2835 light strip

2835 is the most widely used and mature packaging form besides 5050. Power ranges from 0.1W to 1W, widely used in various downlights, brackets, light strips, even outdoor lamps, floodlights, etc.

The 2835 package generally only has two pads, positive and negative, so single-color temperature lamp beads are mainly used. Generally, dual color temperature or RGB cannot be done. However, it has stable performance, good heat dissipation and high luminous efficiency. It is the most common type of light strip.

SMD3014 light strip

3014 appeared earlier than 2835, with low power, generally only 0.1W, and small size and light-emitting surface. It was first used in backlights because of its small size. When used on a light strip, it cannot compare to 2835 in terms of brightness or luminous surface.


SMD3528 light strip

3528 appears after 5050 and is the elder brother of 3014 and 2835. Its volume is larger than 2835, and its power is similar to 3014. With the widespread use of 2835, 3528 lamp beads are slowly withdrawing from the market.

SMD5730/5630 light strip

5730 or similar 5630 is actually the same package type. This type of light-emitting surface is large and the power is also large, usually 0.5-1W per piece. If used on a light strip, the power of a single lamp bead will be too high, and the power and brightness of the entire light strip will be too high. Of course, the cost is also high. Therefore, they are not commonly used, and are commonly found on high-voltage 220v light strips.



COB light strip

COB means chips on board, which means that the light-emitting chip is placed directly on the substrate, eliminating the need for gold wires and brackets. A layer of phosphor is cast on the surface. This is a relatively new light strip product with high brightness, uniform light strips and no graininess. Moreover, it is more resistant to tension than ordinary SMD light strips. It will be the mainstream light strip in the future.

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