Which one is better, cob lamp beads or led lamp beads?

2024/04led strip light source

1. cob lamp beads


COB lamp bead is an integrated light source packaged lamp bead in which the LED chip is directly attached to a highly reflective mirror metal substrate.

This technology removes brackets, has no electroplating process, no reflow soldering, and does not require patches. It reduces a lot of the use process and saves one-third of the customer's welding and assembly costs.

COB lamp beads can be simply understood as a high-power COB surface light source.

It designs the appropriate light-emitting surface and substrate size according to the product shape and structure, and has its own characteristics.


1. Cheap and easy to use and assemble.

2. The circuit design is simple, the positive and negative poles are easy to identify, the electrical properties are relatively stable, and the large substrate is used for better heat dissipation.

3. The optical design is reasonable, using heat sink technology and high thermal lumen.

4. The product has high color rendering, good softness, health and environmental protection.

5. The lamp design is simple, and the welding process and subsequent maintenance are simple.

6. The light color is uniform, no spots, and the ultimate light and color experience.


1. COB lamp beads generally have a relatively high voltage because they are made of multiple chips packaged in series and parallel. Generally above 9V.

2. The power of cob lamp beads is relatively high, usually more than 3W per lamp.

3. The price is relatively more expensive than direct plug-in LED lamp beads and SMD lamp beads.

Therefore, cob lamp beads are generally used in commercial lighting fixtures because of their good light color, high reducibility, high height, and relatively high cost.

2. LED lamp beads

LED lamp beads are what we traditionally call direct-plug Led lamp beads and patch Led lamp beads, imitating lumens and integrated high-power lamp beads.

LED lamp beads are generally packaged by brackets, chips, glue, phosphors, and wires.

What they do:

The bracket serves as a carrier for the light-emitting chip and a reflective cup for the light.

Chip, the core component of LED emitting color. ​

Glue: Fix the chip on the bracket. ​

Phosphor: Excited by the blue light emitted by the chip, it produces yellow light. The blue light and yellow light mix into white light. ​​​​

Wires generally include gold wire and alloy wire. Connect the chip and the bracket to form a closed circuit loop. Generally, better lamp beads are encapsulated with gold wire.


In summary, most of the products currently used in indicator lights, surface mount lights, general lighting, instrumentation, and medical machinery are direct plug and SMD LED lamp beads.

COB lamp beads are mainly used in commercial lighting fixtures, or fixtures with relatively high lighting requirements. For example, there are many commercial uses such as jewelry lamps, bakeries, and pork lamps.

So, you ask me, which one is better, cob lamp beads or led lamp beads?

I usually first ask what product you are using it on, its purpose, and what are your requirements?

For general lighting, I would recommend you use Led lamp beads, and for commercial lighting, I would recommend you use cob lamp beads.

Both have their advantages. But currently, looking at the overall market, LED lamp beads are still used more.

In terms of brightness, COB lamp beads will be higher than LED lamp beads. At the same power, the price will also be higher than LED lamp beads.

The difference between them is that one is the current and voltage, the other is the size, and the other is the packaging process.

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