How to judge whether the quality of an LED light strip is reliable

2024/04led strip light source

1. Brand selection
2. Contact relationship between radiator and air
LED lights usually use aluminum as the radiator. The larger the contact area between the radiator and the air, the better. This is conducive to heat dissipation. The whole lamp works stably, has small light decay and long life. Do not have excessively large ventilation holes in bulbs and ceiling spotlights. To prevent mosquitoes from crawling in during use, affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.
3. Start with the lamp bead light source
If LED bulbs, ceiling spotlights, and track spotlights are illuminated on white walls, there should be no obvious color temperature errors such as color spots and color circles. If such phenomena occur, it indicates that the light source of the lamp beads is inferior. ​
4. The time difference between power on and light emission
When the LED light is turned on, there is a time difference of a few tenths to two seconds between the power on and the light emission. This is a normal phenomenon. Usually, the light is driven by a constant current source with an IC integrated circuit, which has better stable current and voltage performance. ,stable job. ​
5. Light decay is easy to damage
When working, the heat of the lamp body should not be too high or uneven. If there is such a phenomenon, it means that there is a problem with the design or production process of the lamp, and the light attenuation will be large and easily damaged. ​
6. Brightness of LED lights
Due to the high brightness of LED lights, it is difficult to judge the brightness of two brands of the same type of lights under the same conditions by looking directly at them, and it is also easy to damage the eyesight. Usually we recommend covering the light source with a piece of white paper, and then comparing it through the attenuation of the light by the white paper, so that it is easier to see the difference in brightness of the lights. The higher the brightness, the better. In addition, the color temperature closer to the color of sunlight is the best. ​
7. The lamp decay is small and the lamp bead light source is of good quality.
  If time permits, you can compare the brightness of two lamps of the same specification first, then light one of them continuously for a week, and then compare the brightness with the lamp you compared before. If there is no obvious dimming, it means that This light attenuation is smaller and the quality of the lamp bead light source is better.
8. Error in peripheral vision disappearing
For those ceiling spotlights, track lights, high-power integrated light sources, COB high-power light sources, and multi-chip products that can easily remove the mask to see the lamp beads, you can use the method to see the lamp bead light source, close your eyes, and then turn on the power. When you turn off the power and open your eyes at the same time, you will see the residual light of the lamp bead chip. If the error in the disappearance time of the afterglow is too large, it means that the quality of the lamp bead chips is uneven, or the lamp bead chips are of inferior quality. The entire lamp is easily damaged and has a short lifespan, making it difficult to purchase. ​
9. Impact of surrounding environment
When the LED lamp is working and there are refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters and other high-power appliances around it, there should not be any changes in brightness or darkness. If there is such a phenomenon, it means that the LED lamp is not driven with constant current or constant voltage, which will affect the performance of the LED lamp. The life of the lamp has a certain impact. ​
10. Observe through the mobile phone screen camera
There is a popular method in the society to use the camera of the mobile phone screen to observe the LED light to judge its quality. It is not very accurate to judge the quality of the light. The one with stripes rolling and flashing is definitely not good, and the one without stripes rolling and flashing may not be good because Our different mobile phone screens and cameras have different scanning refresh rates, and the sensitivities of those low-end resistor-capacitor step-down driver products are also different.


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