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Light strips are beautiful and there are so many choices. How can you choose the one that suits you?


Let’s explore it together.

1. Installation of light strips

The installation method of lamps without main lights is a point of great concern to everyone. So why is the installation of light strips closely related to the selection of light strips?

First, the light emission effect is affected by many factors.

Such as: flat light trough and 45° light trough, installation height, etc.

Second, the installation of light strips is not considered before decoration, which will lead to different choices of light strips.

If you need lighting later, you cannot choose recessed light strips.

1. Adhesive installation

It is easy to peel and stick. There is glue on the back of the light strip. If you make a mistake, you can tear it off and stick it again. Even the handicapped can easily solve the problem.

They are highly malleable and customizable. One characteristic of adhesive-mounted lamps is that the lamp strips can be customized according to needs and can be recessed in any shape.

The light strip itself is mainly used as an ambient light for places such as entrances, cabinets, and TV background walls. Each home has different sizes, so customization is a very wise choice.

Adhesive installation is very suitable for the edge of the mirror. The light strip is soft and can be easily installed on any shape of the mirror.


Features that cannot be ignored, IP protection level. If you want to use light strips for bathroom mirrors, be sure to choose light strips that are waterproof and dustproof, such as IP67 waterproof and dustproof silver arc light strips.


round mirror light strip


There are two installation methods available for the silver arc lamp strip. In addition to adhesive installation, it is also suitable for buckle installation, which can fix the corners of the silver arc lamp strip in special shapes.

2. Snap installation

In addition to the silver arc custom light strips that can be installed with buckles, the general installation method is when the light strips are used with light troughs. The light strips are attached to the light trough, and then the buckles and screws are used to fix the light trough in place.

The light strip matches the light slot to form a perfect straight line. The light trough is equivalent to the shell of the light strip, similar to the case of a mobile phone. If the light strip is used with the light trough, it can only be installed vertically.

When choosing a straight light strip, you need to pay attention to the material of the light trough.

The light strip has a long lifespan, and the light trough naturally does not fall behind.

Aluminum profile + PCD, not easy to oxidize, high light transmittance, temperature and cold resistance.

The material design of the light trough will also determine the light emission method and anti-glare dimensions.

The light trough has a frosted feel, and the light is even, soft and non-dazzling, just like a good night song being hummed in your ears while sleeping.

Different light troughs will affect the light output of the light strip. Here we introduce two common light troughs, 45° light trough and flat light trough.


For the ambient lights around the bed in the bedroom, the height h between the installation point of the light strip and the plane will also lead to different choices of light troughs.

As shown in the figure below,

If h is larger than 20cm, it is recommended to use a flat-angle light trough.

h is less than 20cm, it is recommended to use a 45° light trough.


Flat light troughs are more convenient and suitable for under cabinets within a right-angle range, illuminating small dark corners.

The 45° light trough emits farther and more uniform light, and the tail light forms a halo, paving a large area of ambient light, and is suitable for ceilings and curtain boxes.

The above two installation methods are very convenient to disassemble. The adhesive installation can be peeled off, and the snap installation only needs to unscrew the screws and fill the wall.

The common features of the above two installation methods are that they are easy to install and easy to disassemble.

What's more important is the need for ambient lighting after the decoration is completed. Even if the installation of light strips is not considered before the decoration, you can still choose adhesive or snap-on light strips to supplement the decorative lighting (ambient lighting) of your home.

As long as you want! cloakroom! Mirror! Under the bed! Under the cabinet! You can install it anytime!


How to achieve this?

3. Embedded installation

The most obvious difference between embedded installation and adhesive and snap-on installation is that the light strip must be taken into consideration before decoration.

This is because embedded parts are required for embedded installation of light strips. After opening a hole in the wall, install the embedded parts and lock them with screws. Stick the light strip into the slot of the embedded parts and then connect the power supply.

However, the light emitting effect of the recessed-mounted light strip is also unique - the light strip is integrated with the wall, giving the illusion that the wall is glowing.


There are three types of embedded parts, internal corners, external corners, and flat corners.


Inner corner, it is recommended to install in the recessed corner area.

It is recommended to install the external angle in the protruding corner area.

Flat angle, recommended to be installed on flat areas such as ceilings and walls.

The embedded parts will have a matching PC lampshade, which will not directly expose the LED chip of the lamp strip. The lampshade can play an anti-glare role, and the lamp strip will not be dazzling when viewed directly.


Here again, I would like to remind everyone that because embedded installation requires opening holes, it is more recommended for houses that have not yet installed lights.

Have time to make adequate preparations and learn more about the lighting atmosphere effect of the light strips.

It must be mentioned again that the activity space of the home cannot be static. The ease and difficulty of installing lamps will directly affect the changes in the lighting needs of the home in the future.

2. Light strip color

What color of light the light strip emits is naturally the first thing to consider.

The color of the light strip is mainly determined according to the decoration style and tone of your home. 3000K warm white light and 4000K natural white are commonly used in homes. The light color is comfortable and the light output effect is warm.

In addition, the light strips also have colored lights. The colored light strips are equipped with controllers that can switch colors at will, integrating the lights with the scene to create a colorful world.

The combination of colored lights mainly depends on the sense of space in the scene and personal preferences. Yellow light is warm, blue light is fresh, and green light is dreamy.

3. Light strip brightness

The main function of the light strip is lighting, so of course everyone has to consider the brightness of the light strip.

The brightness of the light strip depends on two points.

1. Light color (color of light strip)

2. Number of LED lamp beads in one unit (same type of lamp beads)

The more LED beads in the same unit, the higher the brightness.

For example, there are two one-meter-long light strips A and B. A has 126 beads and B has 140 beads. B is brighter than A.

If the number of LED beads in a unit is the same, you can also judge based on the wattage. The one with a higher wattage will be brighter.

4. Length of light strip

How long should I buy the light strip? Can I buy any length?

Light strips have a number of units, and they need to be purchased according to an integral multiple of the number of units. Most light strips have a unit number of 0.5m or 1m.

If you customize the light strip, there is no limit on the number of units, but it must be a multiple of 0.5.

What if the required number of meters is not a multiple of the number of units?

Buy a light strip that is highly cuttable. For example, it can be cut every 5.5cm, so you can better control the length of the light strip.



The length of the light strip is also accompanied by power supply issues. LED light strips cannot be directly connected to 220V and require a special transformer and power supply. The same type of light strips of different lengths have different power supplies.

The needs of different light strips will be different, so ask clearly when purchasing.

Generally, a city wire is required for the power supply of the light strip. What if I want to install a light strip later and there is no city wire?

It doesn't matter, there are reserved sockets that can easily solve the power problem of the light strip.

The selection of light strips is completed.



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